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MIT Engineer Re-invents the Weight Vest

Author Maxim Frederick / Category Engineering / Published: Aug-05-2020

It was the last straw.. he knew there was something to be done.

Remy just signed up for a new gym membership and was excited when he found a weight vest at this new gym. Unlike barbells and dumbbells, weight vests are basically never to be seen at gyms. So rare, that in his 5 years of calisthenics training he never had the pleasure to use one before.

However he quickly realized that this weight vest was terrible to use. The velcro that secures the vest no longer worked. In addition, half the pockets that hold the sand bags were broken and many bags were missing. 

At this point the weight vest resembled a weighted blanket. It was essentially just a few sandbags dangling off of his shoulders!

In addition there was no way to know the weight of the weight vest since the each sandbag has an arbitrary weight!

After that experience he spent the next few days searching online but he couldn't find a single well-designed vest. He learned THE SHOCKING TRUTH that weight vests haven’t been improved at all since 1980! This was when the iron block weight vests were invented which are still being used today.

It was a pity since weightvests are so useful!

It was at this moment that he knew there was something to be done. He knew there was ALOT of room for improvement.

Remy Mock, inventor and founder using the vest.

At this point the weight vest resembled a weighted blanket.

So Remy got to brainstorming and decided to design his own vest from scratch. He’s been training calisthenics for over 5 years and knew every pain-point of the traditional weight vest and wanted to eliminate them all.

Remy who has two MIT engineering degrees, started calisthenics after he became a digital nomad to stay in shape while traveling. He realized he was perfect for the challenge to re-design the vest. Since his degrees were in software engineering and not industrial engineering, he quickly taught himself to create CAD models and got to work.

After several months and hundreds of designs via rapid prototyping utilizing new 3-D printing technology, he came out with the final design that had perfect functionality and dimensions to fit the human body. In fact, it turned out even better than he had expected!

Remy wasn't originally planning on sell his design to the public. It was just for personal use. However after many of his friends asked for the vest as well as the people coming up to him at the gym on a daily basis asking where they can buy the vest. He decided to make it public.

The new vest was a hit from day one! Within a month, there were customers from all over the world that included Olympians, IFBB Pro athletes, College football coaches, MLB and NFL athletes, NBA coaches and many more. There was even an NHL coach that bought six vests. As of the time of this writing there are over 500 five-star reviews for this vest!

A few of the prototypes of the re-invented vest.

Did someone really just buy 6 vests?

Unlike previous vests that use arbitrary and customize weight blocks, the re-invented vest utilizes weight plates that already exists at the gym. This means the weight vest is calibrates and portable! In addition, it is much better for the environment since there is no need to create customized weights.

Remy also wanted the vest to be made of premium materials. The padding shell is made of Ballistic nylon the strongest fabric in existence on the market, and the lining is made of machine-washable leather unlike traditional vests that just use polyester which fray over time. In addition, the straps are made of 100% cotton for optimum breathability and the metal plate is made of Aircraft grade aluminum.

Lastly, Remy wanted to make sure the vest can hold A LOT of weight. Most vests only hold 20 to 60 lbs and the EZ-Vest® can hold up to a whopping 225lbs!


Vincent Lewis (Plano, US)

The chest velcro straps are DOUBLE adjustable to allow for double the chest size variations varying from female gymnasts who are traditionally less than 100lbs to Olympia-level bodybuilders who weight closer to 250lbs.

Lastly, unlike most vests that cover the entire torso which greatly limits the range of motion, Remy designed the vest to only cover the chest to allow for easier breathability and movement.

the lining is made of machine-washable leather unlike traditional vests that just use polyester.

How Can I Get The EZ-Vest?

I really feel like everyone should have one! Weighted Calisthenics is the best of both worlds giving you the best part of weightlifting and calisthenics. This all-in-one device will allow you to do all the weighted calisthenics movements.

Furthermore it comes with not just a 100-day money-back guarantee but also a lifetime warranty. That means you can Try it, wear it, and if you don't see improvements in your body in 100 days, send it back for a full refund!

We spoke with Remy and he has agreed to give the special offer to you for reading his story this far. A long attention span is rare these days of age and he respects those that have it. The discount code is ATTENTION.

Not Available In All Areas

Keep in mind the vest is in high demand especially due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current sale pricing, so stock is extremely limited.


Maximum Capacity: 110lbs

Material: Fiberglass and Polyester

Sold out


Maximum Capacity: 225lbs

Material: Leather and Metal Alloy

Sold out

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30% OFF on orders over $1000
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