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bene c. (US)
Game changer if you are in martial arts

Recently jumped back in BJJ, I was looking for options to. Rebuild my grip strength, being an already experienced Kettlebell user I explored and came across clubs.

Kensui AdjustaClubs are the perfect solution for grip and shoulder strengthening. This cost efficient approach makes it great to build up your strength and the design keeps everything in place. Picture is shown with 10# concrete plates but have since switched to low profile plates. Both are great and the distribution of weight makes it a forearm crusher once you get flowing.

Mateo (US)
Great tool for the toolbox

This is a great intro to mace work. The size of the handle is fairly large, so if you have small hands it may not be for you, but I find it works well. The wood has a naturally slightly rough texture so it is decently grippy. I took off a star because the mace I received had a spot where a defect in the wood had been filled in with some kind of wood filling compound. Doesn't affect performance, but they are basically selling a factory second as a premium product. But overall, and very strong "would recommend" for the adjutable mace.

Shane A. (US)
A must have.

These adjustamace's are perfect for shoulder warmups. I can't pass them in the gym without picking them up and using them. I have had shoulder problems for 20 years and these are perfect for getting ready for lifting. Also you can't beat the price.

Johnathan P. (US)
Didn’t know I needed this, but I did.

What a fantastic product. As I get older, mobility and shoulder heath have become increasingly important. I was looking for Indian clubs just as Kensui dropped this product, and sure enough, it fit the bill. Excellent product, smooth to the touch, well constructed and designed, and does the job with room to grow. Highly recommended!

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Jeffrey F. (US)
Love It!

Wanted to experiment with club swinging to increase shoulder mobility. The adjustaclub seemed like the perfect solution versus purchasing multiple clubs. Works perfectly, and I like that any added weight is at the end of the club which makes the exercises more functionally challenging. I'm using it with fractional and 2.5lb urethane plates which seem to create a nice size for swinging (and not as hard when I hit myself). The adjustability make the club fantastic for wrist and forearm exercises as well. I removed a star only because the club I received needed a little sanding so 2" weights would slide all the way to the end and also so the club is overall a bit smoother. The bare wood texture feels good in my hand and gives a grip like using wooden gymnastics rings. Customer service responded immediately, and gave me a great discount on the club that needed a little work.