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Knurled Handle

28mm Diameter

35LB Weight

500lb Capacity

Bigger Bends. Bigger Gains.

Bending Steel was costly and time consuming.

However the extra performance is worth it.

Kyoto Curl Bar

Industry Standard

Kyoto Rackable Curl Bar
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Curl Bar

Curl Bar


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Kyoto Curl Barbell FAQs

For any other questions, our customer support team is at your service from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM PST.

What materials is the barbell made from?

The barbell is made of A3 Steel and has 2 needle bearings and 2 copper bush bearings. The barbell has a chrome finish.

Does the barbell come with weight plates and collars?

No, weights and collars are not included.

What exercises can be performed using this barbell?

Upper Body Exercises

  1. Bicep Curls:

    • Utilize the ergonomic grip to perform standard bicep curls.
  2. Tricep Extensions (Skull Crushers):

    • Lying flat on a bench, extend and bend your elbows, bringing the bar towards your forehead.
  3. Close-Grip Bench Press:

    • With a narrow, supinated grip, perform a bench press to target the triceps and chest.
  4. Reverse Curls:

    • Hold the bar with a pronated (overhand) grip and perform curls to target the brachialis and brachioradialis.
  5. Preacher Curls:

    • Use a preacher bench to isolate the biceps while minimizing the involvement of the shoulder muscles.
  6. Upright Rows:

    • Pull the bar upwards towards your chin, focusing on working the shoulders and traps.
  7. Seated Overhead Press:

    • While seated, press the bar overhead to work on the deltoids.
  8. Barbell Rows:

    • Bend over and pull the bar towards your hip area, targeting the mid-back.
  9. Drag Curls:

    • Curl the bar upwards while keeping it in contact with your torso to target the biceps differently.
  10. Incline Bench Press:

    • Perform a bench press on an inclined bench to target the upper chest.

Lower Body Exercises

  1. Lunges:

    • Hold the bar in a back squat position and perform forward or reverse lunges.
  2. Step-Ups:

    • Holding the bar on your shoulders, step up onto a raised platform or bench.
  3. Back Squats:

    • Resting the bar on your upper back, perform traditional squats.
  4. Front Squats:

    • Hold the bar in a racked position across the front of the shoulders and perform squats.

Full Body Exercises

  1. Clean and Press:

    • Perform a clean to bring the bar to shoulder height, followed by an overhead press.
  2. Thrusters:

    • Combining a front squat and overhead press, thrusters work on multiple muscle groups.


Core Exercises

  1. Russian Twists:

    • While seated on the ground, hold the bar with extended arms and rotate your torso, tapping the bar lightly on the ground beside you.
  2. Rollouts:

    • Kneeling on the floor, roll the bar forward while keeping your back straight and then pull it back.


Customer Reviews

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Yoothana M. (FR)
Kyoto Curl Bar

I am so glad I found this amazing bar. I have a Watson Rackable Curl Bar w/ thick grips...which I love...but I have been looking for a rackable curl bar, that does wonders and does not break the bank. That is what the Kyoto Rackable EZ Curl Bar is...so, thank you, Kensuifitness!