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Center Knurl

28mm Diameter

45LB Weight

700lb Capacity

The Most Versatile Barbell

Front Squat

Back Lunge

Back Squat

Good Mornings

Overhead Press

Carry Lunge


Supported Row



Farmer Walk

Bench Press

Tokyo Open Trap Bar
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Three Bars in One

Get the most out of your training with one bar.

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Tokyo Open Trap Bar Dimensions




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Tokyo Barbell FAQs

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What materials is the barbell made from?

The barbell is made of A3 Steel and has 2 needle bearings and 2 copper bush bearings. The barbell has a chrome finish.

Does the barbell come with weight plates and collars?

No, weights and collars are not included.

What exercises can be performed using this barbell?

Lower Body Exercises

  1. Trap Bar Deadlifts: This is one of the most popular exercises performed with a trap bar. The hexagonal design allows you to stand inside the bar, promoting a more upright torso and potentially reducing lumbar stress compared to a conventional barbell deadlift.

  2. Trap Bar Jumps: Load the bar with a moderate weight and perform jump squats. The design of the bar can make it more comfortable and safer to execute jumps.

  3. Trap Bar Farmer's Walk: Lift the bar and walk for distance or time. This move can help improve grip strength and core stability.

  4. Split Squats: Stand inside the bar and perform split squats by placing one foot forward and one foot back, then bending both knees to lower yourself toward the floor.

  5. Shrugs: With the bar in your hands, shrug your shoulders upwards to target the upper trapezius.

  1. Trap Bar Back Squat: While it may be slightly unconventional due to the shape of the trap bar, back squats can be performed by resting the bar on the upper back, just like a traditional back squat. The challenge will be maintaining balance due to the unique design of the bar.

    • Stand inside the trap bar, squat down, and position the bar so that it is resting on your upper traps and shoulders.
    • Ensure that your core is engaged and your back is straight, then perform the squat by bending at the hips and knees, lowering your body, and then pushing back up to the starting position.


  2. Trap Bar Front Squat: Slightly more challenging due to the design of the trap bar, but feasible with attention to form.

    • Stand inside the trap bar, squat down, and position the bar so that it is resting across your front deltoids and collarbone area.
    • Keeping your elbows up and in line with the bar, perform the squat ensuring your knees do not cave in and your back remains straight and upright throughout the movement.


  3. Trap Bar Good Mornings

  2. Rack Pulls: Adjust the height on the power rack for different variations of rack pulls.

Upper Body Exercises

Overhead Press: You can perform overhead presses by standing inside the bar and pressing it overhead, targeting the deltoids.

  1. Bent Over Rows: Holding the trap bar with a neutral grip, hinge at the hips and pull the bar towards your lower ribcage.

  2. Trap Bar Floor Press: Lie on the ground and press the bar upwards, similar to a bench press but with a neutral grip, which can be easier on the shoulders.

  3. Trap Bar Chest Press: Lie on the bench and press the bar upwards.
  4. Upright Rows: With hands close together, pull the bar upwards towards your chin, targeting the shoulders and traps.

Full Body Exercises

  1. Trap Bar Deadlift and Shrug: Combine a deadlift with a shrug at the top of the movement to work both the lower and upper body.

  2. Trap Bar Deadlift to Overhead Press: Perform a deadlift and then transition into an overhead press at the top of the movement.

  3. Trap Bar Carry and Lunge: Pick up the bar and perform a walking lunge, targeting several muscle groups at once.

Do the barbell sleeves spin?

Yes, they spin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Clint G. (US)
Kyoto Rackable Curl Bar

Great bar and addition to my home weight room. The design of the bar makes it perfect for what I was looking for, especially for benching. Being able to have my grip turned in relieves pain and pressure in my arthritic shoulder. Highly recommend this bar.

William N. (US)
Kyoto curl bar

This Kyoto curl bar is FAR better than the standard EZ curl bar. This Kyoto Olympic bar fits easily on an Olympic bench enabling you to do everything the standard Olympic straight bar can do in addition to great biceps and triceps exercises with no wrist discomfort….. I truly find myself looking forward to each workout when this bar is included in my workout. Well worth the money!!! 👍🏼

Rodger B. (US)
Awesome Training Tool

Rackable is essential for small spaces with little area around the power rack. I am back to Skull Crushers and other movements my space didn’t allow. And the unique angles on the bar hit my triceps closer to the elbow to provide a stronger lockout on the bench. I love this bar!

Easy and fast ordering. The price was on point and I got the bar within a week. No problems, great packaging, and quality product.

Terence H. (GB)
Rackable curl bar

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit it’ll replace my old bar as I can now safely go heavy on my curls and extensions as my safety catches on my power rack do there job when doing any flat exercises under weight.

David N.
Best Curl Bar Ever

This has completely revolutionized my arm workouts with the amazing multi-grip positions.