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Improving Explosiveness and Power Using a Weight Vest

For most sports, explosiveness is a lot more important than raw strength. Olympic Lifts are a great way to train explosively, however these lifts come at a cost.

There is a high learning curve to correctly learning these movements and performing the exercise improperly can lead to injuries.

In addition, it can be challenging to fully utilize your explosiveness and reap the true benefits of these lifts when you don't have a good technical grip of the movement.

However, Alec Enkiri has discovered that weighted jumps may be able to be equally as beneficial without the technical hurdles.

Everyone knows how to jump!

Alec realized that jumping is a much more primal and natural movement while still incorporating the same muscles- the hips, knees and ankles and same action - explosive extension. In addition, jumping is a movement he has had a lot more practice doing over his life.

To better track his jumps and simultaneously lower the stress on his joints when landing the jump, he decided to perform box jumps instead of regular jumps. He also added weights to make the jumps more challenging.

He decided to try a 13" box jump to mimic the snatch grip high pull an Olympic Lift accessory exercise he was perviously doing where he was displacing the barbell around 13".

To his surprise, because jumping comes naturally to him, he was able to displace a total weight of 410lbs(170lb bodyweight + 240lb added weight) for the 13 inches during his weighted box jump. This was much more than the 300lbs he was able to lift during his 13" snatch grip high pull.

"I'm not an Olympic lifter, and athletes are not Olympic lifters either. Jumping is just easier. It's less stressful psychologically, it's less wearing on the body physically, and it's much easier to really GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT."
- Alec Enkiri

To read more about how he is utilizing weighted box jumps to boost explosivness visit his article at:


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