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✓ Reduce Joint Stress

✓ Increase Range of Motion

✓ Portable and Lightweight


Add more height and angle to the ASCENT™ with the booster.

Easily attachable and detachable.

Stack multiple pairs to steepen the angle.

Great for pushups, front squats, ATG split squats and many more exercises!

**Comes in a pair

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A variation of the Swissies with the handle at 45degrees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin H. (US)

It has really helped me do my pushups again.

Edwin A. (US)
Ascent Booster

Great way to elevate the ascent. I suffer from a sports wrist injury and the boosters allow for just enough height to make pushups less painful.

Bob M.M. (US)
My Ascents

Hi, I have been using my Ascents for push ups and burpees!!! I start out at 20 push ups, 10 burpees and keep working down, 19, 9 then 18, 8 and so forth, then work my way back up!!! It is a great workout and less Stress on my wrists!!! Thank you Kensui!!!

Robert (US)
Ascent Booster to Get Stronger

These set of exercise equipment are meant to be used with the Ascent products to increase (boost) height and increase the angle.  They are something I have used for pushups.  I may use them from time to time, mainly for pushups.  I have no regret of buying them.

sct7853 (US)
Booster for the Ascent

These give you some more incline when you need it. Recommended.