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The Pros and Cons of a 20Lbs Weight Vest

20lbs Sandbag Weight Vest

Weight vests are an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Whether you're looking to take it on a walk, do a Crossfit workout or just a home workout, the added weight is a absolute way to make your workouts more challenging.

However, weights vests come in various weights from 10lbs to ones that can hold 225lbs.

In this blog post we will discuss whether you should grab a 20lbs weight vest or grab a heavier version.

Pros of A 20 lbs Weight Vest


A lighter weight vest is more affordable, since the vest will have less weights included and the vest itself will not have to be as heavy duty since it only has to hold 20 lbs.


Since the vest is not going to have overly thick materials and there is not much weight on the vest, the vest will be relatively slim. This will allow your body to move very easily and freely even when wearing the vest. Unless you pick a plate carrier as the hard plate will prevent you from bending your torso.

More Portable

A lighter vest will be easy to bring with you.

Man using 25lbs to the 225lbs capacity weight vest

Cons of A 20 lbs Weight Vest

Less Versatile

A 100 lbs weight vest can also be used as 20lbs so essentially a 100lbs weight vest is more versatile than all lesser weight vests put together.

Limited Resistance

A 20lbs weight vest is usually too light for many exercises. This will depend on your fitness level, but for the average individual a 20lbs weight vest will not be enough weight to unlock you full potential for exercises like the push-up or squat.

Man performing a push-up with 235lbs weight vest

Should I Get A 20lbs Weight Vest?

For most individuals we recommend to get a heavier vest as you can always remove the extra weight and still use it as a 20lbs weight vest. We would only recommend the 20lbs weight vest if you are truly sure that is all you need and if you are on a strict budget.

About the Author

Remy started calisthenics in 2014 and has mastered advanced movements such as the one arm pull-up, front-lever, one arm muscle-up and more.

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