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Why The EZ-VEST Was Invented

Here's a video explaining the process that motivated the EZ-Vest Invention! Enjoy!



If you’re reading this I share the same passion as you for fitness.

I’ve been doing calisthenics for over 5 years.

But even after five years of training I never had the opportunity to use a weighted vest. Why?

Because gyms don’t have one and because there was no portable vest that I could just bring to the gym with me.

It’s a real bummer, because weight vests are super useful and versatile.

I especially wanted to use them for weighted pushups and rucking.

Firstly, I wanted a vest to use the weights already provided at the gym. This way the vest is portable. It also is environmentally friendly since it doesn’t require manufacturing custom weights.

Secondly, most vests only hold up to 50lbs which isn’t enough for me . I wanted a vest that won’t limit me and that could hold more than I would ever need!

Thirdly, I wanted a vest that was easily adjustable so it could fit everyone. Even as my weight fluctuates from bulking and cutting the vest will always fit me!

Fourth, I wanted it to be capable of easily removing the padding to wash since I train really hard and get really sweaty.

Lastly, I wanted the vest to be able to hold chains as well, because it’s accommodating resistance is greatly beneficial.

To be honest the idea of a vest that uses weight plates seemed so intuitive that I’m surprised that it didn’t already exist!

Anyways, I had a background in engineering and manufacturing from my studies so I decided to make the EZ-Vest come to life.

After a few years of hard work, we’ve got thousands of customers in 6 continents (unfortunately no customers from Antarctica yet) and we’ve gotten so many positive reviews!

Just like me and our customers, I know you will also greatly enjoy and benefit from this vest!

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