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Ben R. (US)
Best Vest Available

I’m impressed with the build and finish quality. It’s so versatile and comfortable.i recommend the kensui over all other vest designs. I sprung $27 for the short sleeves, which I’m super happy with to make the whole package compact and close to my body for pushups. You will be happiest with the pro max. The Brest and back plates are metal. Impressive.

Leona (US)
V. Good

Opted for the EZ-Vest since I weigh 110bs, height 5’4” Weights sit well on my shoulders. Recovering from an ankle surgery, started rucking with 2x5 lbs, then 15(5,10lbs) for 2 weeks, will be upping weight to 20lbs(10,10) next week. Have added shoulder strap paddings, bought on Amazon, definitely more comfortable and will need for 20lbs and up. Kensui saves my arthritic hands and gives a better zone 2 workout since I’m walking way slower than my usual speed. Also doing squats, lunges and step ups with said weights. Would recommend to anyone needing stronger muscles and denser bones.

Eric V.P.
Best vest ever for ring weighted exercises

Its comfortable and perfectly adapts to the body, perfect for those who wanna workout using rings

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Nathan (GB)
EZ vest Max V2

I decided to change my training style from free weights to more calisthenics and my research lead me to this vest. My initial impressions are very positive. I'm getting the best workout in ages since over the last 10 years I've become bored of heavy weight lifting. The main benefit I've found from using the V2 max is the sheer volume I can pump out in a short period. Chest day for example, I strap up 15kg, set a neutral pushup position on my paralettes and go ham. Same with lunges and pull-ups. I'm already leaner and feeling more athletic. The other benefit of the vest is that it takes up minimal space and is easily stored. It's comfortable and tight to the body without hindering movement or breathing and it feels very durable. In all it's a great inVESTment.

Bogdan K. (IL)
Overall great but the sleeves are not "99% fit", beware.

Great vest, love using it, works as described and is amazing to add some weight using the plates you have.

Only downside is the additional "sleeves" you're offered to order in addition to the vest are not a "99% fit" as advertised and in fact do not fit any of my plates above 2.5kg so I basically have no use for them once im over the 2.5kg and I just wasted 27$ for nothing. You will not get a replacement that fits better, BEWARE. If your plates are thick, they will most likely not fit.