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Best Weight Vest For Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Do you want to improve your rock climbing? Do you wish to increase your grip strength , forearm strength and stamina so you can climb fast and longer? A weight vest is the best way to increase the intensity to better your boulder and rock climbing abilities.

There are 2 main considerations to make to choose the best weight vest for rock-climbing:

1) Overhead mobility : you want a vest with narrow shoulder padding to allow you to be mobile.

2) Short vest: you want a vest that is short and only covers you chest and upper back to allow you torso to twist and turn.

The EZ-VEST has a padding only 2.75inches wide much less than than average vest that was 4inches. Furthermore the padding is removable and the weight vest can be used with just the webbing straps that are 2inches wide.

The EZ-VEST is also extremely short and allows you to rock climb without any legs or torso restrictions.

Lastly, with a maximum capacity of 100kg or 225lbs, the EZ-Vest allows you add more weight than any other weight vest.

The EZ-VEST allows you to remove the front and only add weight on the back to allow you to get as close to the wall as possible when bouldering and rock climbing.

Outside of bouldering and rock climbing, the vest can also be used to assist you weighted pull-ups and grip training workouts.

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