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David V. (US)
Reemplazo de HYDROPLATES

It is a product of excellent quality. I use it constantly. The most great thing is that you can grade its weight with the amount of water.

Nate T. (US)
Leaked right away

I really tried not to crank these down too tight, just tight enough to make the "plates" firm. Unfortunately the plates leaked and I had to throw them out. Maybe if you use them really loose they can work well. Also the valve to put the water in was pretty tough to actually get water into efficiently, you may need a funnel or something if you want to fill it without wasting a ton of water.

Mohammad M. (GB)
Product defective

One of the hydroplates had a hole. No response from support. Think twice if purchasing outside the usa.

D (US)
Never got the Gift card offer for the YouTube video review

I received an email for a $50 gift card for a review of the hydroplate. I did the video. Sent the link of the video MULTIPLE Times. But never got the gift card… Go figure…

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Lew (US)

It started leaking on the second day. Using it with Kensui ez-vest and I assume its adapter somehow punctured a small hole. Have bought other Kensui products and this is the only product that I regret purchasing from Kensui.