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Travis R. (US)
Great For Pull Up Variations

I've used the 360 grips a few times now and I can't say enough good things! I love the ability to rotate throughout the pulling movement. Attempting to NOT rotate is also a fun, unique challenge with these grips. The handle is smooth and comfortable and these are super easy to set up. My 4- and 7-year olds love them too. Notice all the other Kensui grips in the photo :) Highly recommend!

Kevin E. (US)
Great Piece of Equipment

The 360 Grips are a great piece of equipment that I immediately started implementing into my routine.

Matt D. (GB)
Not sure what I’ll use them for…

Honest review Remy, I like the feel of the handles. I’m just not sure what I’ll use them for

Adding them to PU bars and handles isn’t that easy as the fastenings are really long.

Happy to chat more about ideas

Steven K. (DE)

I've got the wooden and the plastic 360 grips. Got the wooden ones with the wrong straps first, but Kensui offers great support and has already sent me the correct straps! Mistakes happen, no need to freak out about it. The grips work and feel great, i can heavily recommend them! Best regards

James R. (GB)
Almost perfect

I bought the wood version of the handles and they are really well made. Luckily I have fairly small hands or could be a tight fit. Only slight downer for me is that the actual strap is maybe an inch or so short for slightly fatter bars in outside fitness bars and can't always fit the grip through the loop unfortunately. Have now ordered a vest so am excited for it's arrival .