Three Reasons Why Crossfit Pull-ups Aren’t As Bad As People Say

1. It's Fair

Many people frown upon the CrossFit pull-ups since it uses momentum and is easier than the strict variation.

In a crossfit competition, everyone is held to the same standard for the crossfit pull-up. As long as the rules are the same across the playing field it’s completely fair.


2. Safety

Contrary to popular belief, it may actually be safer than strict pull-ups. Even in strict pull-ups competitions, it’s standard to drop straight down on the eccentric portion to be able to perform more reps.

Unlike the strict pull-ups where people drop straight down to a dead stop which can be quite hard on the joints,

CrossFit pullups come down in an arc. Furthermore, the CrossFit pull-ups have a more continuous loop allowing the kinetic energy to be dispersed and/or reused for the next rep as opposed to your joints having to take the hit.

3. Functional

If a lion was chasing you, and you had a rope to climb as fast as possible would you use your legs?

Clearly in the real world, whether it be climbing a rope, running, jumping, or crawling, you ought to use momentum and your full body to aid in accomplishing a task. With this logic, it’s fair to say the CrossFit kipping pullup more resembles the real world.

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