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How to Pick the Best Weight Vest For Women

Weight vests are a great tool for increasing strength and burning fat. They can be used for 100s of exercises including squats to improve your glutes, pushups to improve your chests and even walks to assist up your weight loss.

However as a women, it can be tricky to find the weight vest that is comfortable. Men make the majority of the weight vest market and therefore most vests are shaped and fitted to optimally fir the male physique and opposed to the female physique.

In this guide, we will go over 3 things to consider before picking a weight vest for women.

women rucking with weight vest
weight vest women dips

What to consider for a women's weight vest

Here are the things to consider before getting a weight vest for a women:

  • Shoulder and Chest Adjustability
  • Padding
  • Portability

1. Adjustability

Since most vests are designed for men, they will usually be too big for women. Therefore it is very important to find a vest that is adjustable. All vests are adjustable around the chest. However, most vests are not adjustable around the shoulders and therefore it is important to find a vest that has this feature such as the Kensui EZ-VEST.

2. Padding

weight vest women padding

For optimal comfort you will want the weight vest to be padded. Its very important for the shoulders to be padded since the majority of the weight will be supported there. Luckily most weight vests have shoulder padding.


However, as a women you should also look for a vest that has padding on the chest. This is especially important when performing movements such as squat jumps and jump ropes that will have you jumping.

The Kensui EZ-Vest comes with a 8mm PE padding surrounding the entire chest plate.

3. Portability

Weight vests are heavy! Most weight vests require custom weights that you need to have with you to use the vest. So if you have a 20lbs weight vest you will need to carry all 20lbs to the gym to use the weight vest!

This can be extra tiring for women since men generally have stronger upper body strength to carry the weight vests with them.

A weight vest that can use the weights already existing at the gym will make your life so much easier! So keep an eye for a vest like the Kensui EZ-VEST that utilize generic weights instead of requiring custom ones.

weight vest using olympics plates

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plate loading weight vest

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Victoria started calisthenics in 2018 and has mastered the one arm push-up and perform over 10 consecutive pull-ups. Previousily, she was a competitive open-water swimmer.

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