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Replaces Multiple Fixed-Weight Clubs


Cost Effective and Space Saving


Natural Comfortable Wooden Grip

Natural Grip

Lightweight and easy to use

Easy to use

"The Adjustamace is the real deal!

I love the feel of the natural beech wood grip. I worked up to 30 pounds, which is the heaviest I've ever done. I didn't use chalk and my grip was feeling it.!

The pommel on the end help since the grip is smooth. I didn't have any hotspots on my hands like I get with the pipe mace. Overall this thing is a winner and provides tremendour value for the money.

I bought this myself but still want to hype up Kensui for developing a great product!"

IG: @bells_and_bodybuilding

Introducing our latest innovation in the world of fitness equipment.

The Wooden Plate Loaded Fitness Mace, inspired by the traditional Gada.

Crafted from high-quality wood and built to last.

This mace is designed to help you take your strength and conditioning to the next level.


Mace Set




Classic Wood Feel








Perfect for anyone looking to improve their grip strength, core stability, and overall conditioning.

From swings to advanced movements like 360s and mills.

The adjustable system gives you complete control over the weight and resistance of your mace.




We want you to reach your fitness goals, enjoy your life and feel healthy. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.


What are adjustable maces used for?

Adjustable maces are typically used for strength training and conditioning exercises.

They are commonly used in mace training, a form of exercise that involves swinging the mace in various patterns to engage multiple muscle groups and improve overall fitness.

What are the benefits of using an adjustable mace?

  1. Using an adjustable mace can help improve grip strength, increase upper body and core strength, enhance balance and coordination, and provide a full-body workout. It can also help improve mobility and flexibility.

What is the difference between a fixed-weight mace and an adjustable mace?

    1. A fixed-weight mace has a set weight that cannot be adjusted, while an adjustable mace allows you to change the weight of the mace by adding or removing weight plates. This makes an adjustable mace more versatile, as you can adjust the weight to suit your strength and fitness level.

Is the collar included?

    1. yes, the collar is included.

How much weight can the Adjustamace hold?

    1. We've seen customers use over 50lbs on the mace. If you would like to train with more than 50lbs, we recommend using 2 collars to secure the weight. Also, please keep in mind due to the unique weight distribution of the adjustamace, an adjustamace with 50lbs will feel a lot heavier than a traditional 50lbs mace.

How much does the adjustamace weigh?

    1. The Adjustamace weighs 1.2kg or 2.75lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
Jalen G. (US)
New favorite tool

Great addition to the toolkit for people who love free weights. This along with adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells is all you need at home. Saves a ton of space.

bene c. (US)
Game changer if you are in martial arts

Recently jumped back in BJJ, I was looking for options to. Rebuild my grip strength, being an already experienced Kettlebell user I explored and came across clubs.

Kensui AdjustaClubs are the perfect solution for grip and shoulder strengthening. This cost efficient approach makes it great to build up your strength and the design keeps everything in place. Picture is shown with 10# concrete plates but have since switched to low profile plates. Both are great and the distribution of weight makes it a forearm crusher once you get flowing.

Yusuf A. (CA)
Awesome adjustable mace

I've really enjoyed strengthening my core and shoulders with this piece. The price and quality make it an excellent addition. Especially during summer when I want to workout outdoors, I can bring this mace along with the weighted vest and a few small weight plates and get a solid workout in at the park.

Bob (US)
I think this is going to be great

Just working thru the learning curve. But so far so good.

Bryan D. (US)
Great macebell

I wish I had discovered this macebell before I wasted money on 7, 10 and 15 lb steel macebells. I would have saved money and been able to progress in weight more safely. So simple, but so great.