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Johnathan P. (US)
Fantastic Suspension Trainer

What's not to love about this. Dual anchor points, excellent handles with rotation or static options, compact, and with an excellent price.

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Steven K. (DE)

They are versatile, tough, small enough to easily carry with you (which i never do, but you could), easily big enough for my normal sized hands, affordable and not only therefore awesome. I use them a lot for it's so easy and fast to switch between pull-ups, push-ups and Dips - and basically anything in between, there really is a lot of options. Great workout! Recommendation! Yeehaw! :]

Yan C. (US)
Nanobars V2

Useful item handier and lighter than gymnastic rings

Bryyan V.[.T.
The Perfect Suspension Trainer

I love that its double anchored. It makes the device so much more versatile. I would highly recommend these for those that want to do quick workouts on the go.

Mark W. (PH)
Great product!

I love how it can be used for so many things and the quality is great. The only issue I saw with mine is the zipper came off the bag after a couple of weeks and mine didn't come with the caps to close the ends of the nanobars. But other then that, they are great for travel.