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Nicolas B. (CA)


James K.

Broke during the second workout

Emiljano B. (IT)
Barbell ProMax

After the first order of non-ProMax handlebars which were perfect, I worried every day that one day a more resistant version would arrive! So it arrived, I didn't think twice and immediately bought them both. Two versions are perfect but the ProMax is safe and gives you more peace of mind to increase a little more weight on the dumbbells, perhaps those weighing 40kg and up! I sincerely thank Kensui Fitness for this wonderful opportunity!

Raymond P. (US)
Knurled pegs

Hello-I love the dumbbells! I use them with 1” opening plates. The only issue I had is that when I tightened the plates, I couldn’t loosen them. I had to use pliers to help loosen the pegs. My only suggestion is that the knurled peg should be wider in order to be able grip it with your hand to loosen it. Other than that, super cool!

David V. (SI)
Impressive for the price

I think I've saved over 700€ by getting these instead of adjustable dumbbells that come with their own weight plates. It comes at a price of having to adjust and readjust the plates. Even when you only want to change a small plate, you'll have to take apart the entire thing.

I definitely don't think this is friendly towards a dumbbell focused routine, but for someone who already has a routine and wishes to incorporate a dumbbell exercise this is great. It just takes too long to switch out the weights. But if you're readjusting your dumbbell during rest of a different exercises, you don't lose any time.

But once it's set up it's solid. The knurling is good enough, the flat head makes it easy to put on your knees, and it has a tiny footprint. It can fit in a bag and weighs nothing. Can easily mix and match plates, which is generally common, if you're someone that tries to get deals for your weight plates. The dimensions are great even for pushing movements (which is where most competitors fall flat).

Shipping, packaging and everything else is great, no complaints there. Arrived quick, through the proper channels.