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Brandon D. (US)
So far they’re great

I’ve been using quick change adjustable dumbbells for years, like the 80lb Nuobells, and needed a supplemental set of adjustable dumbells that could go heavier for some movements. I was willing to sacrifice adjustment speed for a heavier set that could go as heavy as I'll ever be able to lift in my life.

Since these aren’t quick adjustable, they are considerably more sturdy. I also love that the grip diameter is thicker. It’s extremely comfortable for pressing movements. The knurling on the grips is also perfect.

I have also decided to buy 10 pound chrome plates from Kensui, and I’m really liking the look. I have enough plates to go up to 110 pounds per dumbbell. If I ever outgrow that weight I can buy more 10 pounders to get up to 140 pounds while maintaining the clean "all 10 pound plates" look. With the somewhat larger diameter of the 10 pound plates, combined with the chrome, they begin to resemble the iconic Golds Gym 330 pound dumbells as you go up in weight. Obviously they’re nowhere near as big as them, but it’s a great vibe to feel when you’re getting ready for your top set.


I was more than happy with this product. And I’m gonna order another set. I really like the spinning while loading the plates. Makes it a lot easier.

Nicolas B. (CA)


James K.

Broke during the second workout

Emiljano B. (IT)
Barbell ProMax

After the first order of non-ProMax handlebars which were perfect, I worried every day that one day a more resistant version would arrive! So it arrived, I didn't think twice and immediately bought them both. Two versions are perfect but the ProMax is safe and gives you more peace of mind to increase a little more weight on the dumbbells, perhaps those weighing 40kg and up! I sincerely thank Kensui Fitness for this wonderful opportunity!