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Aaron (US)

Ordered a pair of EZ-BOOT MAX Sunday recieved them by Thursday. These are great space savers I don't need any machines to give my legs a workout, items came well packaged and quickly just like my EZ-VEST MAX V2 also from Kensui, thank you.

Larry W. (US)
Ankr-Max: Adequate and Versatile

The design of the Ankr-Max is similar to an open ended ankle boot with straps. With accoutrements and a lot of extras, one could perform a decent range of leg exercises bilaterally or unilaterally depending on your price point. I went for the single Ankr-Max with 1 in. plate adaptors and the heel plate adaptor.

A few notes:
I received the two vegan leather ankle pads without any instruction of how to attach them as they are in the website photos. They appear to have a "padded" side and a micro-velcro side, but no means to attach them to the ankle screw-ins. So basically they are just not attached and sitting on the side.

The boot and attachments appear to be made with a high grade plastic, but it's not something I would want to test deliberately or accidentally with dropping or impact for fear of deforming or cracking a component.

While the heel insert is adequately designed, it was a little challenging to secure in the slot and with it inserted, it is very awkward to strap in and then move into an exercise position. You sort of have to keep your foot elevated and swing it around to a secure start point for reps.

The straps are of decent quality with the metal clips, I am concerned about the longevity of their use under load. They are also fairly long and the extra slack tends to just dangle or flop around when performing sets. I understand the strap length is if you wanted to do Tibialis Anterior work at a different foot angle, but the design is a little awkward and unwieldy to get in and out efficiently.

I would like to see if there are resistance band attachments in the future.

Caleb L. (US)
Great for so many exercises.

Used as an achor for crunches, used in leg lifts, gluten kicks, leg extensions, leg curls, hip flexers....the list is endless.


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Anonymous (CA)
Its a good start, looking forward to a improved ANKR MAX Version 2 in the future

I have to use it more delicately as I move up in weights. With enough weights + contact with the ground at a certain angle, you can potentially break it. The threads for my bottom sleeve snapped when loaded at 20kg on the bottom + 7.5kg on each side. I’m just doing hip flexor raises with these (one side at a time, one foot standing on a bench) and right now there are not a lot of options out there that let me use olympic plates as the primary resistance. This device also does a decent job at solving this common issue with weighted feet attachments in that when you load more and more weights the weights itself begins to restrict your range of motion by bumping into things. My only problem is that this thing just needs to be a lot more durable. You’re going get tired during reps and will have to drop this on the ground and I don’t think this thing is well rated for that. Maybe if it was either: less plastic based and more metal (preferably steel) or thicker and possibly longer threads where the sleeve attaches to the ANKR frame. (or more entirely a strap based design with no molded frame, but then this will just fix my personal problem and not address the general populations issue)

Overall, I like this thing. It just needs to be made much tougher.

Aaron (US)

Put in an order for a pair of EZ-BOOT received them with in a week. Very nice looking and easy to setup, use than store away also comes with nice bags to put them in, thank you.