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3 Reasons why Pull Push Legs is Superior to Push Pull Legs

1)You can avoid waiting for the bench every Monday (International chest day).

Monday is the day that even the gym-goers on the bro-split train their chest. All the chest related benches (barbell and dumbells), cables, dip station, and chest-related machines are all being taken.


2) Your back and spinal erectors won’t be trained for two days in a row.

On back day, exercises like the pendlay row utilize your spinal erectors. 

On leg day you will do movements like the squat/deadlifts that also use your spinal erectors.

If you train Push/Pull/Legs, then the spinal erectors are trained for two days in a row, but Pull/Push/Legs will prevent this issue and leave a push day in between assuming you take a rest day every PPL cycle.

Spinal erectors take a long time to recover and a sore spinal erector is most likely sub-optimal for leg day.

3) You can perform chinups and pullups pain free.

If you do your bench presses or dips at a respectable intensity, more often than not you will be slightly sore the next day. This affects your pullups and chin-ups as the pectoral muscles are used in the shoulder extension that takes place in vertical pulling. Although the back muscles are used to stabilize your pushing movements, it’s safe to say it has much less involvement than the pecs on a vertical pull. Therefore sore lats won’t affect pushing movements nearly as much as sore pecs on a vertical pull.

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