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Take your leg day to the next level with the All-in-one Leg Device.

Our innovative patent-pending weight-loading leg device holds 200lbs and is compatible with all weight plates. The EZ-BOOT™ previousily called the ANKR allows you to up the intensity and get more out of each rep.

Build Muscle
Increase Leg & Core Strength
Boost Athleticism

**sold one by one but works for both feet**

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Use 1"/28mm weight plates on the ANKR MAX.

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100 Days

The ANKR™ comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Builds Muscle and Strength

Lightweight and Portable

Home Gym

Fits all
weight plates

Premium Materials

Designed by
MIT engineers

The All-in-One Lower Body System

The EZ-BOOT™ lets you perform all exercises you would do with ankle weights, leg extension, leg curl, hip abductor, hip adduction, cable machine and reverse hyper machines.

The Best Of Both Worlds

5stars Rated 4.9/5 by over 200 Customers

What Customers Are Saying..

"The Rolls Royce of ankle weights.

This is an exceptionally well made product.

For anyone who uses ankle weights in their workout routine you will be pleased with these.

If you are looking for ankle weights that you can adjust to almost any weight you want then this is it.

The only thing you can't do is run in them but you can do just about everything else.

It is very well made, so you do get what you pay for, but it is an investment.

Hopefully one that you will get many years of use out of.

-Charles Mitchel

"Way better than monkey feet

Easy to put on and add weights unlike monkey feet which were too hard to strap in.

I have large feet and ankles which made it an absolute chore trying to fasten monkey feet.

ANKRs are way easier to strap on even with the weights on.

The list are set much high yet than on the bottom making it way easier to actually move and walk with them on.

Great construction and quality materials. Very happy with these ANKRs!!"

-Jay Dalzin

Heavy Duty Design

The EZ-BOOT™ is adjustable and holds up to 200lbs

It was rigorously designed to fit almost all shoe sizes while integrating vegan leather padding to optimize comfort.

Premium Cam Buckles

Get in and out of the EZ-BOOT™ with ease and speed with the premium cam buckles made of high grade material.

Train Anywhere

The bottom surface of the EZ-BOOT™ is lined with rubber to prevent any slipping or damage to any floor while you walk.

Works will all Weight plates

The removable sleeves can be quick and easily replaced with 1" sleeves to accomodate 1" standard weight plates.




We want you to reach your fitness goals, enjoy your life and feel healthy. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.

Pick Which Best Suits Your Workouts.

Load your plates the way you like it.

Ideal for simple exercises

Ideal for active workouts

Ideal for heavy loads

Some of the exercises you can do..

Side raises

Donkey Kicks

Quad Extension

Mountain Climbers

Hanging Ab raises

Leg lifts


Hamstring Curls

any many more.

Double the loading space! Go heavy!

Sold out

Perfect for Bi-lateral movements. Connect two ANKRS.

Sold out

A New Study: Squats vs Leg Extension
(For Quad Growth)

Zabaleta-Korta (2021), The role of exercise selection in regional Muscle Hypertrophy: A randomized controlled trial, J Sports Sci.

The quadriceps is one of the biggest muscles in your body. It is one of your most important muscles in sports, and you cannot build a strong and impressive physique without them.

In a new 2021 study, 21 young men with strength training experience trained their respective exercise three times per week, doing four sets of twelve reps to muscular failure each workout.

Before and after the five weeks of training, the researchers used ultrasound to measure the cross-sectional area of the participants’ rectus femoris and vastus lateralis.

The study showed that the leg extension lead to significant more gains in the quads especially in the Rectus Femoris.


How much weight does it hold?

The EZ-BOOT™ can hold more than 200lbs. Most likely more than you will ever need!

Does it work with both legs?

Yes, the EZ-BOOT™ is symmetrical and works with both left and right foot.

However the item is not sold in a pair so if you would like to have weights on both legs at the same time, please order 2!

What exercises can I do with the EZ-BOOT™?

There are countless exercises you can perform with the EZ-BOOT™!

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Leg extension
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Donkey kicks
  • Kick Backs
  • Hanging Ab raises
  • V-sits
  • L-sits
  • Jump Ropes
  • Weighted Dips
  • Weighted Pullups
  • Weighted Muscle ups
  • Knee tucks

Does the weights come with the EZ-BOOT™?

Weights are not included.

Does it work with all weight plates?

Yes, the EZ-BOOT™ is compatible with both the standard and Olympic weight plates.

What is the loading space on the EZ-BOOT?

The loading space is 3x4.5cm (4.5cm for each sleeve). If you want extra loading space that holds up to 8.5cm we offer extension sleeves.

What size shoe does it fit?

The EZ-BOOT™ fits all adult shoe sizes.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do!

Whats the maximum diameter I can use for the side weights plates?

You can use weights plates with diameter up to 24.4cm for the sides of the EZ-BOOT™. This is typically a 5kg/10lb weight plate. There is no limit for the diameter of the weight plate on the bottom of the EZ-BOOT™.

How much does EZ-BOOT weigh?

EZ-BOOT™ weights 730 grams, or 1.5lbs, making it extremely portable and easy for travel to train on the go.

Is the EZ-BOOT sold individually or in a pair?

EZ-BOOT™ is sold individually, but works on both feet.

Is the leather padding vegan?

Yes it's vegan (made of polyurethane)! No animals were harmed!


Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews
Aaron (US)

Ordered a pair of EZ-BOOT MAX Sunday recieved them by Thursday. These are great space savers I don't need any machines to give my legs a workout, items came well packaged and quickly just like my EZ-VEST MAX V2 also from Kensui, thank you.

Larry W. (US)
Ankr-Max: Adequate and Versatile

The design of the Ankr-Max is similar to an open ended ankle boot with straps. With accoutrements and a lot of extras, one could perform a decent range of leg exercises bilaterally or unilaterally depending on your price point. I went for the single Ankr-Max with 1 in. plate adaptors and the heel plate adaptor.

A few notes:
I received the two vegan leather ankle pads without any instruction of how to attach them as they are in the website photos. They appear to have a "padded" side and a micro-velcro side, but no means to attach them to the ankle screw-ins. So basically they are just not attached and sitting on the side.

The boot and attachments appear to be made with a high grade plastic, but it's not something I would want to test deliberately or accidentally with dropping or impact for fear of deforming or cracking a component.

While the heel insert is adequately designed, it was a little challenging to secure in the slot and with it inserted, it is very awkward to strap in and then move into an exercise position. You sort of have to keep your foot elevated and swing it around to a secure start point for reps.

The straps are of decent quality with the metal clips, I am concerned about the longevity of their use under load. They are also fairly long and the extra slack tends to just dangle or flop around when performing sets. I understand the strap length is if you wanted to do Tibialis Anterior work at a different foot angle, but the design is a little awkward and unwieldy to get in and out efficiently.

I would like to see if there are resistance band attachments in the future.

Caleb L. (US)
Great for so many exercises.

Used as an achor for crunches, used in leg lifts, gluten kicks, leg extensions, leg curls, hip flexers....the list is endless.


Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Anonymous (CA)
Its a good start, looking forward to a improved ANKR MAX Version 2 in the future

I have to use it more delicately as I move up in weights. With enough weights + contact with the ground at a certain angle, you can potentially break it. The threads for my bottom sleeve snapped when loaded at 20kg on the bottom + 7.5kg on each side. I’m just doing hip flexor raises with these (one side at a time, one foot standing on a bench) and right now there are not a lot of options out there that let me use olympic plates as the primary resistance. This device also does a decent job at solving this common issue with weighted feet attachments in that when you load more and more weights the weights itself begins to restrict your range of motion by bumping into things. My only problem is that this thing just needs to be a lot more durable. You’re going get tired during reps and will have to drop this on the ground and I don’t think this thing is well rated for that. Maybe if it was either: less plastic based and more metal (preferably steel) or thicker and possibly longer threads where the sleeve attaches to the ANKR frame. (or more entirely a strap based design with no molded frame, but then this will just fix my personal problem and not address the general populations issue)

Overall, I like this thing. It just needs to be made much tougher.

Aaron (US)

Put in an order for a pair of EZ-BOOT received them with in a week. Very nice looking and easy to setup, use than store away also comes with nice bags to put them in, thank you.