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Best Weight Vest For Rucking


Are you looking for a weight vest for your rucking and hiking sessions?

When Finding the Best Rucking Weight Vest There Are 4 Things To Consider

Rucking with a rucksack can cause back pain since the weight is not distributed evenly. It can also lead to poor posture and discomfort

Weight vests are a superior alternative to rucksacks as the weight distribution is spread equally between the front and back of your body keeping your center of mass identical to your body.

When looking for a weighted vest for rucking and hiking, here are a few thing to consider:


1) weight capacity

2) padding

3) comfort

4) longevity


Weight Capacity

Most weight vests can only hold up to 40 lbs, however there are benefits to walking with weights much higher than this. It can be considered great training to ruck with a weight close to your own bodyweight to train for extreme situations where you would need to carry another person. Therefore a weight capacity of at least your own bodyweight is recommended.



Since you will be walking and having the load on you for a long time, It is crucial to find a weight vest with proper support. This entails a wide shoulder padding to distribute the weight over a wider area on you shoulders.



You want a weight vest made of comfortable materials and fabric during your rucks and hikes. You don't want any irritation or chafing to occur.



You want to be able to ruck with your weight vest for years if not decades. You want a weight vest that won't break over time. You also want a vest you can easily wash after your rucking sessions.

The weight vest that comes out ahead when taking the four areas into consideration is the EZ-VEST®

Highest Weight Capacity:

The EZ-VEST® can hold up to 225lbs. This is more than any other weight vest on the market.

Thick Padding:

The EZ-VEST®, comes with a relatively narrow padding. However, a 4-inch padding add-on can be purchased separately which is perfect to add to the weight vest during the rucks.

Leather Comfort:

The EZ-Vest® lining is made of PU leather the same material that is used in high-end cars such as BMWs and Mercedes. Wearing the vest feels as you are sitting in one of these cars.

Lifetime Longevity:

 The EZ-VEST® is made of military grade nylon outer fabric and aircraft grade aluminum, that is built to last. Also, the weighted vest comes with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, the inner lining can be removed and machine washed very easily.

weight vest using olympics plates

Kensui EZ-VEST® Lite

plate loading weight vest


plate loading weight vest


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