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Reduce Your Apetite Using A Weight Vest

Recently Dr. James Krieger (founder of weightology.net) was on the Revive Strong Podcast where he discussed his client’s success using a weighted vest to lean down for a physique contest prep.

The interesting part is Dr. Krieger claims his client had such good success with the vest not only because it increased calories burned (N.E.A.T.) but also because it DECREASES APETITE.

He says our bones have load/weight receptors (called osteocytes) and that it regulates our apetite to try to keep our weights constant (homeostatis). Using the weightvest can trick the body into thinking it gained excess weight.

The receptors/osteocytes will then trigger a reduction in appetite, allowing his clients to eat at a caloric deficit and lose weight effortlessly.

To back his claims, he referred to a study that was done with mice and rats in 2017, that showed when a capsule that weighed 15% of the rat's bodyweight was implanted in their abdomen, the rats lost almost 15% of their actual weight after two weeks.

When in turn a same sized capsule that weighted 3% was added to the abdomen, they didn't lose any weight. In addition, when a osteocyte-depleted (OcyD) rat had the 15% weight capsule added, less weight was lost.

Take what you will from this study, but if you are looking to lean down for the summer, it may be a good idea to use this hack.

Here is the link to the study:


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