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Three Reasons Why Crossfit Pull-ups Aren’t As Bad As People Say

1. It's Fair

Many people frown upon the CrossFit pull-ups since it uses momentum and is easier than the strict variation.

In a crossfit competition, everyone is held to the same standard for the crossfit pull-up. As long as the rules are the same across the playing field it’s completely fair.


2. Safety

Contrary to popular belief, it may actually be safer than strict pull-ups. Even in strict pull-ups competitions, it’s standard to drop straight down on the eccentric portion to be able to perform more reps.

Unlike the strict pull-ups where people drop straight down to a dead stop which can be quite hard on the joints,

CrossFit pullups come down in an arc. Furthermore, the CrossFit pull-ups have a more continuous loop allowing the kinetic energy to be dispersed and/or reused for the next rep as opposed to your joints having to take the hit.

3. Functional

If a lion was chasing you, and you had a rope to climb as fast as possible would you use your legs?

Clearly in the real world, whether it be climbing a rope, running, jumping, or crawling, you ought to use momentum and your full body to aid in accomplishing a task. With this logic, it’s fair to say the CrossFit kipping pullup more resembles the real world.

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  • Pull ups from a dead hang and lower your self slowly willy build full spectrum strength. unlike cross-fit were they are interested in numbers, swinging and high reps hurts the joints and ligaments putting undue stress building less strength. your analogy is not practical, Clearly in the real world don’t run into many lions. I see my self getting attracted by a thug were my strength would help more to ward off the offender. in addition, my practicing full extension pull ups, push ups, dips, help me as a wrestler with better strength. But if I run into a lion, I guess I am SOL, LOL!!!A huge problem with the actual Crossfit workout philosophy is that it will inevitably cause a major injury due to the extreme nature of the exercises. Just by watching a person work out Crossfit you can see that it does not look good for your body or natural in any way. Swinging barbells between your legs over your head over and over, as fast as you can, is a great way to dislocate a shoulder or slip a disc. And it is not just one or two exercises with this jerky, hazardous, and dangerous nature, it is a major part of the discipline. Doing olympic weight lifts with multiple reps is simply the opposite of how they are supposed to be done. Olympic lifts are supposed to be minimal reps with maximum weight, and doing these in large amounts can seriously injure someone: the human body can not sustain that workload for an extended period of time. As you can see Crossfit already seems detrimental to participants body, now if you take into account that most of today’s population has postural and structural problems, these injuries will be amplified, and a person could cause themselves serious life long pain.


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