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✓ 2 More Inches of Loading Space

✓ Made of Aluminum Alloy

✓ Compatible with Centering Adapters


Got bumper plates or cement weight plates?

Get 2" more loading space compared to the original pegs.

Made of Aluminum Alloy

This extension is for 1 dumbbell handle.

Please order 2 for both handles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Peter L. (DE)

need routine to handle the items about open after using. Good stuff. Good decision to by it.


I received the dumbells and are fine except for one of the screws that does not fit properly with the little bar i.e. it does not lock to the end as the opposite one does when i put on the 2,5 k plate

Nate S. (US)
Worth The WEIGHT!

I'm a young man who's always on the go and I was looking for something easy to fit into my home gym. I'm also someone who looks for cost efficiency and these were both high quality and inexpensive. The competition is absurdly overpriced (nearly x30 the price of these) with nearly nothing to gain but the gucci factor. If you plan to grow in strength get the extenders which aren't expensive either. I used Facebook marketplace to buy the standard one inch plates at rock bottom prices. The very unique design with blunted ends makes a wider array of work outs possible. The cheap competitor to these has screw on caps to hold the plates and they have a metal extension protruding out the sides of the dumbbells. This makes a large number impossible, BUT not for these adjustabells. Ty guys for making such a simple but great product. I say weight in the title because there was a brief back order because one of their influencers did a big promotional and people bought them up like hot cakes. Worth the wait!

Michael N. (US)
Dumbbell set up

Product is great Easy and fast set up From 20 pounds to a 100 pounds Love the thick handles on the dumbbells

Richard Z. (US)

I can only use these for light moves. I have the extension kit and with my plates by the time I can get them to snug up I am over your weight recommendations. 70lbs.on each won't get them tight. I bought them because I bench press between 80 and 120lb dumbells and I can't even get the 70lbs.to snug up.