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✓ Stack more plates

✓ Easily attachable and detachable

✓ Build more muscle and strength

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MAX bumper sleeve will not work with PRO vest

A sleeve for the EZ-VEST with a 57% larger loading space to allow for thicker weight plates.

The longer sleeves are also beneficial if you want to stack many smaller plates as opposed to using one larger plate.

  • Extension Sleeve (PRO/LITE) Length : 9.5cm
  • Extension Sleeve (MAX) Length : 15cm
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Ideal for:

Bumper Plates

Hi-temp Plates

Sand or Cement

Stack two Hydroplates!

Heavy training on the go!

The longer sleeve will allow you to stack two Hydroplates combining for a total of 30kgs/66lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Cody M. (US)
Love my EZ vest, extension and clamp sleeves are a solid upgrade

What can I say - been using my vest for a couple years now. The extension and short clamp sleeves add even more versatility. Now I can get low on weighted presses without gouging the floor, or stack up many plates and go for a loaded walking lunge while keeping my hands free for balance.

Jose P. (US)
Best weight vest overall.

I could write endlessly about the great things about the weigh vest, but I won’t, I will try to keep it short. I initially thought this vest would be just another expensive piece of equipment sitting in my basement, but honestly, it has become my most important workout gear, since I train my brother for his college football offseason at home, and this vest plus the extension sleeve, allow us to load as much weight as we need, and we train intense and heavy. Overall, this is one of my best investments.

Yamin B. (CA)
It works

Not much to say. It is an extension to hold more plates. Works great.

Jonathan B. (CH)

These sleeves are a must-have purchase. It makes using the vests so much easier. Buy them when you buy the vest - don't wait.

Aaron K. (US)
As advertised

I needed the extension sleeve to load up more than one weight on a side. It does exactly that and is a key addition to the EZ Vest.