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portable weight plates


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        •     • Collapsable and portable
  •     • Fill up in minutes
  •     • Compatible with EZ-VEST and all barbells
  •     • Perfect for outdoor training and travels
  •     • Adjustable weights 0 to 35 lbs


    •     2 x water filled plates
    •     2 x acrylic clamps


  •     Filled weight: 35 lbs
  •     Empty weight: 0.8 lbs
  •     Outer Diameter: 14 inches (36 cm)

Super Portable

HYDROPLATES™ are fully collapsable and light when emptied. Slide them in your luggage to train on your vacation!

Home Workouts

Perfect for home workout., train at home without worrying about metal plates that can damage your home and take up space!

Variable Weight

Unlike metal, water is liquid which means you adjust the weight by filling up the hydroplates accordingly!

Perfect for Outdoors

Bring the hydroplates with you and get an awesome weighted calisthenics workouts at your nearest park!

Fits on Barbells

Stack a few on each sides for an extra heavy workouts!

Super Portable!

Find a sink, hose or river and fill up your plates in minutes!

Stack Two!

Using the bumper plate sleeve you can stack two hydroplates on each side to a total of 66 lbs (30 kgs)

"Interesting, I would have never thought of it."


"Whoever thought of the water weights is genius. I travel a lot for work and I'mstoked to bring this with me!"


"That's a really novel idea! Also a great way to carry water with you."


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Georgios E. (DE)
perfect alternative to regular weights

Perfect alternative to normal weights, especially if you want to train on a vacation trip

Yan C. (US)

One of my hydroplates started leaking from the inside tube after using for one day but the company mailed me a new set the following week.

sabatino s. (CA)
love it

excellent product, to train at home workout. pull a sweat. a genius

Benhur C. (US)
Great idea! Not so good execution!😂

The hydroplate took forever to get to me but a lot of that was due to covid, so i give them that!. I was so excited to finally receive my kit but the first time i used it both clamps BROKE!! So disappointed!! So i called Kensui and they are changing the clamps, how long till i get the replacements?? Another month?? Made some out of leftover pvc sheets!.Works great!!

Sal L. (US)
Hydroplates are awesome; Acrylic clamps not so much

Hydroplates are awesome (weight will provide a challenge to your workouts) but the only issue is that the acrylic clamps that hold them tight with the ring, they do break. After my first long walk session, one of the the clamps broke. Hydroplates were filled to their max, placed the clamps above and then used the ring to secure, but I think the ring and hydroplate placed too much pressure on the acrylic clamps. Not sure if Kensui will replace the plastic plate but will ask. I do love the fact that once you are done, you can take out water from hydroplates to collapse them (great for travel).