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Based on 3017 reviews
Bill B. (US)
Secure and sturdy

A welcomed addition to my pull up bar, allows for greater variety and flexibility with exercises. Noticed less elbow stress as well. A worthwhile investment.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Leona (US)
V. Good

Opted for the EZ-Vest since I weigh 110bs, height 5’4” Weights sit well on my shoulders. Recovering from an ankle surgery, started rucking with 2x5 lbs, then 15(5,10lbs) for 2 weeks, will be upping weight to 20lbs(10,10) next week. Have added shoulder strap paddings, bought on Amazon, definitely more comfortable and will need for 20lbs and up. Kensui saves my arthritic hands and gives a better zone 2 workout since I’m walking way slower than my usual speed. Also doing squats, lunges and step ups with said weights. Would recommend to anyone needing stronger muscles and denser bones.

Keith D. (US)
The canted pull-up handles

I already have the neutral grip handles. The canted handles allows even more variation.
Since I work full body functional workouts after doing all sort of pushups I finish with the grips in supinated position for the biceps involvement. Great add to my home gym!!!!!!

Larry W. (US)
Swissies45 - So Close to Perfect

As a neutral grip adjustment handle, I was immediately drawn to these grips, they appear to be made of a high quality molded plastic that fit comfortably in my hands.

The ONLY drawback/criticism I have with these grips is that the "neck" following the knurling of the grip that lead into the hooks are a little on the short side. Were these "necks" extended by maybe an INCH, these would be Perfect.

The reason being is for resistance band (or non-barbell handle) use, the end of the hook is less than half an inch from my knuckle-pads. If I rotate my grip to a push or curl position, the end of the hook literally rests into the back of my hand, depending on the angle or force of resistance, can dig into the back of my hands. And if I wanted to try a pressing angle or grip, the hook presses into the underside of my palm (thenar eminence).

For my current use with bands, these are adequate and unique for their ease of use.

Larry W. (US)
Ankr-Max: Adequate and Versatile

The design of the Ankr-Max is similar to an open ended ankle boot with straps. With accoutrements and a lot of extras, one could perform a decent range of leg exercises bilaterally or unilaterally depending on your price point. I went for the single Ankr-Max with 1 in. plate adaptors and the heel plate adaptor.

A few notes:
I received the two vegan leather ankle pads without any instruction of how to attach them as they are in the website photos. They appear to have a "padded" side and a micro-velcro side, but no means to attach them to the ankle screw-ins. So basically they are just not attached and sitting on the side.

The boot and attachments appear to be made with a high grade plastic, but it's not something I would want to test deliberately or accidentally with dropping or impact for fear of deforming or cracking a component.

While the heel insert is adequately designed, it was a little challenging to secure in the slot and with it inserted, it is very awkward to strap in and then move into an exercise position. You sort of have to keep your foot elevated and swing it around to a secure start point for reps.

The straps are of decent quality with the metal clips, I am concerned about the longevity of their use under load. They are also fairly long and the extra slack tends to just dangle or flop around when performing sets. I understand the strap length is if you wanted to do Tibialis Anterior work at a different foot angle, but the design is a little awkward and unwieldy to get in and out efficiently.

I would like to see if there are resistance band attachments in the future.

bene c. (US)
Game changer if you are in martial arts

Recently jumped back in BJJ, I was looking for options to. Rebuild my grip strength, being an already experienced Kettlebell user I explored and came across clubs.

Kensui AdjustaClubs are the perfect solution for grip and shoulder strengthening. This cost efficient approach makes it great to build up your strength and the design keeps everything in place. Picture is shown with 10# concrete plates but have since switched to low profile plates. Both are great and the distribution of weight makes it a forearm crusher once you get flowing.

Swissies™ V2 MAX
James P. (US)
Very comfortable and versatile!

I needed something portable to do neutral-grip pulling exercises; these are perfect. They're easy to carry and a cinch to use. They fit on almost anything. I also got the little "max rotators," which is a decent solution for increasing range of motion. Highly recommended!

Steel screws

Much better than shorter plastic ones that broke twice and had to be replaced


I really like the Adjusta-bell. They allow me to maximize the use of my existing weights without having to buy more. In that respect, they are a good cost effective product for home gym use. The additional attachments make using 2" Olympic plates easier and they can hold a lot of weight. They are also very comfortable to rest on you legs as there is no bar overhang.
Great product, good investment. : ) YouTube video placeholder
Emanuele F. (IT)
Great products

I purchased both classic swissies and swisses45. Products arrived within the stated time. Great products, they allow me to modify the grip on the pull-up bar, or use them with a barbell. Extremely robust and well made. I absolutely recommend them!

John G. (US)
Excellent apparatus

Enjoy working out with the Swissies 45. Nice extra workout tool.

Nice bands

Have used for a week or so it appears to be very nice. Don’t know how long it will last but I like them .

Raymond P. (US)
Knurled pegs

Hello-I love the dumbbells! I use them with 1” opening plates. The only issue I had is that when I tightened the plates, I couldn’t loosen them. I had to use pliers to help loosen the pegs. My only suggestion is that the knurled peg should be wider in order to be able grip it with your hand to loosen it. Other than that, super cool!

Upgrade To EZ-VEST Max V2
Eric V.P.
Best vest ever for ring weighted exercises

Its comfortable and perfectly adapts to the body, perfect for those who wanna workout using rings YouTube video placeholder
ThanetRue (US)
Great products!

Reasonable prices, great grip and easy to use. Keep up the great product Kensui. Definitely looking to buy second sets.

Derek C. (US)
Swissies As An Alternative to Multi Grip Bar

These were fantastic.
As someone with iffy shoulders and bad elbows, I wanted an alternative to my straight pull-up bar and these did not disappoint. I used them for my workout this morning and found the handles to be sturdy and the knurling helpful in getting a solid grip. Overall a fantastic product for anyone that lacks a multi grip pull-up bar!!! 5/5!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Nathan (GB)
EZ vest Max V2

I decided to change my training style from free weights to more calisthenics and my research lead me to this vest. My initial impressions are very positive. I'm getting the best workout in ages since over the last 10 years I've become bored of heavy weight lifting. The main benefit I've found from using the V2 max is the sheer volume I can pump out in a short period. Chest day for example, I strap up 15kg, set a neutral pushup position on my paralettes and go ham. Same with lunges and pull-ups. I'm already leaner and feeling more athletic. The other benefit of the vest is that it takes up minimal space and is easily stored. It's comfortable and tight to the body without hindering movement or breathing and it feels very durable. In all it's a great inVESTment.

Gabriel L. (US)

Bought the originals and 45 degree pairs. Both make pull ups more comfortable. I use the originals for close grip pull ups and 45 degrees for wide grip. I don't write alot of reviews but these are well made and definitely have improved the quality of my home exercise routine. If you're cash strapped, go with the 45 degree pair as I think they are ultimately more versatile. If not, nice to have both.

Biggn (US)
There is good, and there is great

The good is that my wrists feel much more natural or neutral when lifting with the 45° but the great is that it increases my range of motion on some lifts, like the upright row. Usually the bar hits your chin and that’s about it. With these grips you can go much higher and get a more complete FROM under stress.

My only wish is that I could get them to stay at the same place on the bar. Maybe Version 2.0 will have a clamp of some kind to keep them in one spot.

frank n. (US)
Great product

Use them for any position on solo strength machine

Adjustabells with extension bars

Fab, working well, with a bit of adjustment to the plakes, I'm able to make up to 40kg (88 pounds in American) on each dumbbell, being careful not to drop them though.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Bogdan K. (IL)
Overall great but the sleeves are not "99% fit", beware.

Great vest, love using it, works as described and is amazing to add some weight using the plates you have.

Only downside is the additional "sleeves" you're offered to order in addition to the vest are not a "99% fit" as advertised and in fact do not fit any of my plates above 2.5kg so I basically have no use for them once im over the 2.5kg and I just wasted 27$ for nothing. You will not get a replacement that fits better, BEWARE. If your plates are thick, they will most likely not fit.

Caleb L. (US)
Great for so many exercises.

Used as an achor for crunches, used in leg lifts, gluten kicks, leg extensions, leg curls, hip flexers....the list is endless. YouTube video placeholder
G. B. (GB)

I wanted to perform Inverted Rows on the Smith Machine and was so happy to come across the Swissies on Instagram. Does the jobs perfectly. Great product. I’m a Personal Trainer and have recommended them to my clients with home gyms.

Louie F. (US)
Where have you been

For years I've been trying to get the perfect in home pull up bar
I tried them all
Wall mount
Build my own
None are as perfect as a playground standing chin bar
But at least
With some gymnastic ring straps
A powder coated bar from rogue and these neutral grip attachments
I have the perfect pull up bar