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✓ Maximize mind-muscle connection
✓ Reduce wrist and shoulder stress
✓ Increase Power via Muscle Irradiation
✓ Works on bars, bands, barbells, machines
✓ Tested to 800lbs

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The Original Swissies re-designed.

Swissies V2 are patent-pending Neutral grip attachments with a hook lined with rubber to prevent slipping or damaging the bar.

Swissies V2 improves upon the original by incorporating a hook more suitable for varying bar diameters.

Furthermore, it allows for angle modification and has an eyelit for carabiners.

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Change the angle of the Swissies V2 by 15 and 30 degrees.

Range of Motion

Boost Mind-muscle

Higher Exercise Variability

Less Wrist & Shoulder Injuries

5stars Rated 4.9/5 by over 1200 Customers

Carabiner Attachment

Discover the convenience of the Swissies V2 with its built-in carabiner attachment point.

Designed for seamless integration with cable machines.

5 Grips in 1






5stars Rated 4.9/5 by over 1200 Customers

Knurled Handle

A slipping hand is the last thing you want to worry about!

Knurled Handle allows you to focus on the target muscle during your exercise.

Protective Slip Resistance

Rubber lined hook which prevents sliding or damaging the bar.

Why Swissies V2?

Swissies V1

Swissies V2

Cable Attachment

Maximum Bar Diameter



Angle Modification

-30°, -15°, +15°, +30°





Compatible with all Bar Diameters

We have re-designed the hook to be better compatible with all bar diameters up to 2.5".

Furthermore, the new DualLock™ design ensure two touch points which creates a wedge and prevents any movement.

Pick Your Ideal Grip Width!

We are all built different.

Why settle for the same grip width.

Unlike fixed neutral grip bars, with Swissies™ you can personalize your grip width.

5stars Rated 4.9/5 by over 1200 Customers




We want you to reach your fitness goals, enjoy your life and feel healthy. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.


What is the Swissies V2 Max made of?

The Swissies V2 are made of nylon-fibgerclass composite. It is an extremely durable material which is also used in our flagship EZ-VEST Pro.

You may be wondering why didn't we make it out of steel or aluminum. The answer is 3-fold.

Nylon is much more light-weight. The swissies weighs 1lb. If it was made of metal it would be closer to 5lbs!

Secondly, Nylon is much easier to grip without slipping.

Lastly, it's more comfortable as its not cold to the touch like metal is.

Will they damage the bar?

No, the Swissies have a protective rubber lining to prevent any damage.

How much do they weigh?

A pair of Swissies V2 weigh slightly over a pound and are extremely portable!

How much can the Swissies V2 hold?

We have tested it to hold atleast up to 800lbs.

What is the handle diameter?

The handle diameter is 32mm.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1127 reviews
Eric (US)
🔥💥The badass SP V2's 💥🔥

I can now say that I have all the SWISSIES handles and I love them all 💯💥💯the
SP V2's completes my quest on getting them all and hands down they are all amazing 💯💥💯from the quality to all the right angles to achieve to be and/or get to be your best on your pull ups and chin ups ....which is my personal goal ..... even just owning one out of the awesome variety Kensui has on the SWISSIES....gives you a fantastic edge on your pull ups/chin ups ....do not hesitate to get yourself a pair
🚨highly recommended🚨 ......I'm looking forward to seeing what other future designs come out .....huge fan here 😎✌🏾 Super thanks Kensui.....for another home run 💯💥💯

Eric (US)

The V2's are fantastic 💪🏾💯... solid....durable and very portable friendly......you can never go wrong with multiple choices on grip angles for pull up's and chin up's which Kensui's
--SWISSIES LINE--definitely delivers with great quality .....an awesome assortment of choices to pick from
🚨(highly recommended)🚨 In my honest opinion these are truly amazing For all level athletes to even let's say for example
....if you have issues with your wrists and elbow joints the V2's will definitely help ..that neutral grip is the spot on angle that will aid towards ... reducing the pain in those weak points while you are working towards strengthening them during training ..... definitely makes reps and sets go a lot easier where focus can be better directed towards good form and technique for better contraction which results in better gains 💪🏾💯...... Without a doubt.. another super awesome addition to my home gym ..I'm very happy to have grabbed them up
😎✌🏾...once again super thanks Kensui.....💯💥💯

Oz (US)
Fast shipping, great quality!

I ordered these for my Smith Machine, since I bought a smith that does not have pull up handles I had to adapt and these did the job. I just put the on my barbell. Thank you!

Christian G. (US)
Great Addition

Purchased to use with myself and my clients. Quality feels great. Clients enjoy using them for chin ups. Would purchase again.

Thomas V. (DE)
Good training tool

I like the Swissies-SP for my chin ups but I have to mention that the rubber buffers are easily moving out of their position (see both pictures - in one the rubber is moved out and in the other photo it is moved back into position) - I guess a result of the last repeats of the set, if the execution of the chin up is less stable and more dynamic. It’s possible to bring the buffers back in the right position but it would be nicer if they keep the position better.