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Thomas V. (DE)
Good training tool

I like the Swissies-SP for my chin ups but I have to mention that the rubber buffers are easily moving out of their position (see both pictures - in one the rubber is moved out and in the other photo it is moved back into position) - I guess a result of the last repeats of the set, if the execution of the chin up is less stable and more dynamic. It’s possible to bring the buffers back in the right position but it would be nicer if they keep the position better.

Eric E. (US)
Totally Awesome **100/100**

Overall very durable ,great quality....easy to carry around ..... Fantastic simple design no complaints at all .....if you haven't tried it ....give it a go ....you won't be sorry..a really great investment ....taking my chin up's and pull up's to the next levels ....thank you kensui 100/100

Gold barbell weights

spectacular finish to these beautiful weights. Very thin yet perfectly weighted. Uses up way less space on the rack and when on the bar are things of beauty!

AdjustaBELL™ Pro

I was more than happy with this product. And I’m gonna order another set. I really like the spinning while loading the plates. Makes it a lot easier.

Aaron (US)

Ordered a pair of EZ-BOOT MAX Sunday recieved them by Thursday. These are great space savers I don't need any machines to give my legs a workout, items came well packaged and quickly just like my EZ-VEST MAX V2 also from Kensui, thank you.

Lightweight, easy to take around, sturdy when loaded.

Already having the HD version, this lighter one fits in my gym bag and I take it to the office sometimes for my lunch run.

Mike (AU)
Exceptional. Now Training at Level 100!

Ever wished you had a hyperbolic chamber to get the most out of your training, well good sir this is the next best thing!
My back gains are now at a power over at least 9000 due to the enhancements provided by the Swissies. Lats are so wide that after my session I don't even take the stairs to ground floor anymore I just glide on down. I earnt the nickname 'The sugarglider' from fellow gym goers which I admit isn't the most shredded sounding nickname out there. I even cancelled international chest day from each Monday to get more reps in with the Swissies instead.

In seriousness these are excellent quality and work as described on different bar sizes. With a majority of my workout at home on a multifunctional cable machine these have been awesome attachments on the bar and have allowed use of both weight stacks for some exercises. Highly recommend!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Aaron (US)
Nice Vest Fast Shipping!

I submitted an order for EZ-Vest Max V2 on Monday 03-20-24 and received it Friday 03-25-24. Vest is very nice, you also get nice bags to store your vest, thank you.

Swissies™ V2
Corey P. (AU)

Comfortable! A product that would be hard to go back from once you try it. Ultra happy with Kensui, their innovation is worth supporting!

Jalen G. (US)
New favorite tool

Great addition to the toolkit for people who love free weights. This along with adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells is all you need at home. Saves a ton of space.

Swissies™ V2
Sebastian S.

I have used the Swissies V2 for rows, lat pulls and pull ups. They are light weight, sturdy and have knurling to help with grip. I do wish, however, that they had some rubber padding. Maybe they could offer it as an accessory that could be slid on. Overall, I like them.

Product I have always wanted no one offered until Kensui

Great product adds difficulty to essential exercises

Kyoto Rackable Curl Bar

Great bar and addition to my home weight room. The design of the bar makes it perfect for what I was looking for, especially for benching. Being able to have my grip turned in relieves pain and pressure in my arthritic shoulder. Highly recommend this bar.

Swissies™ V2
Khenan (CA)
Well built!

Does the job to adjust my grip on my wide pull up bar. Strong and solid design that I'm sure will last as long as I have the strength to use them. Just wish they were a bit cheaper.

Kyoto Rackable Curl Bar
William N. (US)
Kyoto curl bar

This Kyoto curl bar is FAR better than the standard EZ curl bar. This Kyoto Olympic bar fits easily on an Olympic bench enabling you to do everything the standard Olympic straight bar can do in addition to great biceps and triceps exercises with no wrist discomfort….. I truly find myself looking forward to each workout when this bar is included in my workout. Well worth the money!!! 👍🏼

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Ben R. (US)
Best Vest Available

I’m impressed with the build and finish quality. It’s so versatile and comfortable.i recommend the kensui over all other vest designs. I sprung $27 for the short sleeves, which I’m super happy with to make the whole package compact and close to my body for pushups. You will be happiest with the pro max. The Brest and back plates are metal. Impressive.

Swissies-SP™ V2
Royal D.1. (US)
Handle grip awesomeness!

Maximum respect to the Kensui Fitness Company for Inventing these awesome, amazing, and multifunctional handles!
The overall construction and design is second to none!
I brought these handles to the gym; and I used them for Seated Cable Rows, and Overhead Seated Lat Pull-down!
I also brought these handles to
"Prospect Park" for usage on the Pull-up bars!
3 different individuals were asking me where did I get these fantastic handles!
The Price was fair and the shipping could have been a little faster.
Yet; I am very grateful to have these handles!

AdjustaBELL™ Pro
Nicolas B. (CA)


They are great!

Really comfortable and feel Durable and sturdy... I recomended. There are other options on the market that are too expensive, but these for the price are worth it as they get the job done. Good job!

Mario N. (US)
Versatile Design

Having injured both of my wrists over 10 years ago, doing push ups is a challenge due to 'extreme osteoarthritis' (I typically use parallettes or push up handles). The ascent, along with the optional boosters has opened up new possibilities - I am now able to support my wrists and gently increase the range of movement in both wrists while providing adequate support to avoid extreme discomfort. As noted by other users, the surface doesn't have much grip. To remedy this I applied self-adhesive sand paper I had on hand over the full length of each Ascent. I realize some might find the sandpaper a little too rough for bare hands however I find it works very well. In addition to doing push ups, I also like to use the Ascent as heel-raisers for squats and a variety of knee related exercises, which makes the Ascent my go-to workout travel accessory!

T.D. (AU)
Poor customer service, great equipment

Ordered a pair of Swissies45 and feel I got duped into big back bundle at checkout, clicked to have a look and it added to order with no going back.
Contacted immediately to try and sort out prior to processing, gave up after three attempts with no answer.
When I received product, the bundle was incorrect anyway and included 2 pairs of Swissies45 with no standard Swissies.
Seems like a waste of time trying to deal with Customer support, so will probably just keep 1 pair 45s as intended and try to sell the other bits. Good quality equipment though!

Swissies™ V2 MAX
Russell M. (US)
Portable Mag Grips

Absolutely love these! Bought them nearly the first moment I heard of them. They're basically lightweight/portable Mag Grips that I keep in my gym bag to use at any gym I go to as I'm always switching up gyms or traveling for work. The little inserts to change angles are also genius. My favorite gym accessory.


Broke during the second workout

Emiljano B. (IT)
Barbell ProMax

After the first order of non-ProMax handlebars which were perfect, I worried every day that one day a more resistant version would arrive! So it arrived, I didn't think twice and immediately bought them both. Two versions are perfect but the ProMax is safe and gives you more peace of mind to increase a little more weight on the dumbbells, perhaps those weighing 40kg and up! I sincerely thank Kensui Fitness for this wonderful opportunity!

Swissies Bundle
Ade B. (US)
Great muscle engagement

I love the both grips that I purchased. I honestly can fell the back muscles engage more. I believe this due to the body trying to stabilize itself since the handles can move a little bit which is a plus in my opinion