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Calisthenics Acronym Glossary

Maybe you've been doing calisthenics for a while, or maybe you're new.



Regardless, you see a lot of acronyms online such as on reddit and instagram that you don't understand and you don't want to sound clueless by asking. Thankfully you can use this calisthenics glossary!

GLOSSARY (in alphabetical order..)

90DPU = 90 degree pushup ups

BL = Back lever

FL = Front Lever

HS = Handstand

HSPU = Hand stand pushup

HeSPU = Head stand Pushup

OAC = One arm chin ups

OAFL = one arm front lever

OAP = one arm pull-ups

OAPL = one arm planche

PPPU = Pseduo planche push ups

PU = Push up

MU = Muscle-up

RTO = Ring Turn Out

SBD = Straight Bar Dip

That's most of them! Hope it helps!

Ring Turn Out (RTO) with a Weight vest