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Due to high demand, Adjustabell extensions will take 1-2 weeks to ship.

Got bumper plates or cement weight plates?

Get 2" more loading space compared to the original pegs.

Made of Aluminum Alloy

This extension is for 1 dumbbell handle.

Please order 2 for both handles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Richard Z. (US)

I can only use these for light moves. I have the extension kit and with my plates by the time I can get them to snug up I am over your weight recommendations. 70lbs.on each won't get them tight. I bought them because I bench press between 80 and 120lb dumbells and I can't even get the 70lbs.to snug up.

C.P. (US)

They sent me the wrong stuff and would not reply to me about it.

Martin S. (DE)
Very nice Tool for my Homegym

It was very dificult Order , i wait very Long time to got my Order from Kensui, something Happend while Shipping. But i was very happy when i have got it . I use the Adjustabell Extensión for Every Workout its so easy to handle .

Kensui Team if you have more helpfull Tools i will Order again :-)

But at this time im very happy with the ankr and adjustabell +Extension

Thank you so much

Greetings from Germany

Chris K. (GB)
Great system

Very useful system. I wouldn’t want to drop the handles on the floor while they are loaded. But other than that they are made from high quality material which is more than suitable for the job.
The 2” spacers are very useful but slightly too thick for a single 5kg plate. My one gripe would be to have an option to purchase metal grips and short metal nuts to match the long metal nuts already on sale.

Robert (US)
Adjusta-bell Extension Works

These weight plate extension rods allow for more plates to be used, while using the Adjusta-bell handles.  It's a nice option to have, in case you someday need to use them.

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