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✓ Save time with effortless centering
✓ Comes in pack of 4
✓ Works on both regular and extension peg


Standalone Adjustabells are compatible with both 1" and 2"plates.

However centering the 2" plates can be a bit of an art.

This makes it effortless to do!

Each adapter can center up to 2 plates.

Dimensions: 2"/50mm Diameter, 1"/25mm height

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Stack more plates to the Adjustabell.





We want you to reach your fitness goals, enjoy your life and feel healthy. The last thing we want is to create more stress in your life, so if you decide this item is not for you we'll be happy to give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked 100% refund.

Centering Adapter FAQs

Do I need the Centering Adapters for olympic weight plates?

Although centering adapters are not required, we highly recommend them as they make the process of adding plates alot easier and faster.

What are centering adapters made of?

The centering adapters are made of nylon fiberglass composite. The same material as the Adjustabell Pro.

Does it work with both the Adjustabell PRO and Adjustabell MAX?

Yes, the centering adapters work with both versions of the Adjustabell.

Does it work with both the Adjustabell Extensions?

Yes, the centering adapters work with the Adjustabell extensions.,


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kyle Z. (US)
Great adjustable solution

I was looking for a loadable option that I could go heavy with for farmers carry’s and inclined presses without the sleeve sticking out. I also wanted a solid material from a brand I could trust, so I waited a while before deciding on a set. When Kensui came out with their Adjustabell Max version I was excited. It addressed all my issues. There is knurling, which is nice. It could be more aggressive (in my opinion), but provides a nice grip. They are easy to change and the Olympic plate adapters are a great addition. Highly recommend those.
When screwed down they hold tight and secure and feel secure like a single weighted dumbbell. All you can ask for. At a price around $100 with the adapters, it’s a solid investment to be able to use all your 1” and 2” plates to have any dumbbell weight set you’d ever need.

Nathan (GB)

I really like the Adjusta-bell. They allow me to maximize the use of my existing weights without having to buy more. In that respect, they are a good cost effective product for home gym use. The additional attachments make using 2" Olympic plates easier and they can hold a lot of weight. They are also very comfortable to rest on you legs as there is no bar overhang.
Great product, good investment. : )


Judge.me YouTube video placeholder

Waited over 3 months with no partial refunds as compensation. Staff said it’ll be here in two weeks about 4 times. No apologies either. Disgusted by lack of customer relations. Also, other review websites have over 200+ reviews at 3/5 stars, not the 4.7 they list on the website.

Eca78 (IT)
genie in the dumbbell

I could not write enough about how much i owe to kensui for creating so many versatile, user friendly, lightweight, but incredibly sturdy and out of the box tools to train. All of which at price points that are well within the most affordable range. I tried myself adjustaBELL (one only) with 35kg and it’s ergonomics make it possible ( i used 2 plates by 10kg and as such it was manageable with one only) but easy and safe and compact. i can go easily in making 2 adjustaBELL by 20 kg each; no further as it’s enough for me. All of the above is made possible and here we are talking genius….by the cenetering adapters for 2” holes plates. With that i can mix and match practically all of the plates i have available and stack them in the adjustAbell in less than one minute and operate drop sets or change wait between sets within few seconds or simply go heavier. This without having to spend any extra cent as it’s all allowed by the andapter accepting both 1” and 2” plates. You can screw it, add the 2” plate and close the dumbbell by turning in literally in tens of seconds. The two ends are flat so the size do not change, no pain in the legs, no crossing while lifting. You feel really safe. At the same time it’s a breeze to unscrew the plates when you’re done. thanks guys!!!!!

Todd U. (US)
annoying review emails never stop

annoying review emails never stop