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Standalone Adjustabells are compatible with both 1" and 2"plates.

However centering the 2" plates can be a bit of an art.

This makes it effortless to do!

Each adapter can center up to 2 plates.

Dimensions: 2"/50mm Diameter, 1"/25mm height

** Comes in pack of 4

** Works on both regular and extension peg

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Parker P. (US)

Adjusta-bell™ Centering Adapter

Damon (US)
As advertised

Not sure what to add here, but these work well and as advertised.

Robert (US)
Adjustable Centering Adapters Are A Great Option

These centering adapters allow you to easily center your olympic plates, while using the Adjusta-bells.

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Joseph M. (US)

They seem to work well i have some 25 on each side used to be able to curl no problem at gym but 50's no way so decreasing weight for that but presses working really well.

James M. (GB)
Adjusta-bell and Centering Adapters

I can't speak more highly about the quality of these products. I love that I can use my own plates (olympic) to adjust my dumbbells to any weight I choose, as small as 0.5kg increments with my fractionals. I never really did much work with dumbbells before I purchased these, always stuck with kettlebells. But I'm completely converted now. I was always out off my a large part of the dumbbells sticking out past the actual weights, but the Adjusta-bells have a nice, tidy end that screws right into the handle and holds the plates very securely. The ends are suited to standard plates (1inch), but with the Centering Adapters even olympic plates fit so snug with no movement during exercises. They may seem a kittle expensive at first for a set of dumbbells, but trust me, if you have the plates at home to attach, or even at the gym, you'll never think about another pair of dumbbells. These are all you'll ever need, and you won't regret the purchase, you'll love them.