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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Travis R. (US)
Great For Pull Up Variations

I've used the 360 grips a few times now and I can't say enough good things! I love the ability to rotate throughout the pulling movement. Attempting to NOT rotate is also a fun, unique challenge with these grips. The handle is smooth and comfortable and these are super easy to set up. My 4- and 7-year olds love them too. Notice all the other Kensui grips in the photo :) Highly recommend!

Kevin E. (US)
Great Piece of Equipment

The 360 Grips are a great piece of equipment that I immediately started implementing into my routine.

James R. (GB)
Almost perfect

I bought the wood version of the handles and they are really well made. Luckily I have fairly small hands or could be a tight fit. Only slight downer for me is that the actual strap is maybe an inch or so short for slightly fatter bars in outside fitness bars and can't always fit the grip through the loop unfortunately. Have now ordered a vest so am excited for it's arrival .

Joe S. (US)
Great Little Handles

These handles feel so good and allow for very fluid rotation thanks to the center notch for the strap (as opposed to the AbMat quarter ring design). They are sized well for hands in the normal size range, but I would imagine they'd feel cramped for bigger hands.

Spencer B. (US)
All Great! - Swissies Swissies45 and 360 Grips

Got the bundle of all 3 and each are great to offer versatility and variety with personal training clients and my own workout. Use both swissies for modified pull-ups hooked on an Olympic bar at various heights in a squat rack depending on clients ability. Most prefer a neutral or 45 degree angled grip for comfort. I’ll quickly hook them into Superbands that are wrapped around a fixed post to perform superband rows with the grips. 360 handles are great to use just like regular handles with cables/functional trainer for pull downs and rows, and offer a skinner handle for those who have smaller hands or their grip strength gives out before their back. Also easy to loop them around tubing to change the grip, or a fixed bar to modify various pulling movements. Crazy how the cross stitching on the 360 handle is so strong to support 600lbs.