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Hidden Benefits of the Supinated Cable Row

Cable rows are a great exericise for back development and most athletes perform this movement with a neutral grip.

There is nothing wrong with a neutral grip cable row. In fact all hand variations of the cable row are great.

However each grip has their own unique benefits.

In this blog post we will discuss the 2 benefits of the supinated cable row.

Supinated Cable Row Benefit 1:

Ever notice you can go much heavier hammer grip bicep curls than traditional bicep curls?

In the neutral grip, the arms have a mechanical advantage because it can involve the brachialis. 

That means in the traditional cable row, your arms are doing a lot of the work.

The same thing occurs with your rhomboids and traps.

However, with the supinated grip row, your arms, rhomboid and traps are all at a mechanical disadvantage.

That means all the tension and focus goes to your lats!

And it trains the lats in a range of motion you never really hit with a lat pull down or chin up.

It hits the lower fibers of the lat, which is great for having that meaty look to the bottom of your lats.

Pro-tip: Semi-Supinated cable Row

45 degrees supination or semi-supination is probably even better than a supinated cable row because it is a more natural hand position.

Hence there will be less tension in the joints like the wrist elbow and shoulder and more tension in the muscles!

Check out the Swissies 45 if you are keen to try semi-supinated Cable rows.

Supinated Cable Row Benefit 2:

If you are only training neutral grip cable rows you may hit a plateau.

You can see to gain a lot by adding exercise variability to your training regiment.

Supinated cable rows are a great option to add variability to break through plateaus.

About the Author

Remy started calisthenics in 2014 and has mastered advanced movements such as the one arm pull-up, front-lever, one arm muscle-up and more.