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Should You Get A 100lb Weight Vest?

Weight vest are an amazing tool to build stamina, strength and athleticism. However, most vests can't hold anywhere near 100 lbs. The average vest holds 10-60lbs.  

For movements like lunges, push-ups, squats and dips it's very easy to progress to the point that 60lbs is too light. A 100 lbs weight vest will allow you to continue to up the training intensity and stay in the hypertrophy rep range to build muscle.

However one issue with a 100 lbs weight vest is that it can be very hard to transport since it is 100lbs that you need to carry.

Another issue is that traditional 100lbs weight vest usually cost $300-$500 since you need to also purchase the customized weight plates.

Third a traditional 100lbs weight vest is hard to put on since you must put the vest over your shoulders.

Lastly, a 100lbs weight vest is not eco friendly since the 100lbs of iron blocks are not multi-purpose.

In this blog post, we will discuss a new type of weight vest that can hold much more than 100lbs while circumventing the issues with the traditional 100lbs weight vest.

The Kensui EZ-VEST is a new weight vest that doesn't use the traditional methods of loading with iron blocks. Instead it uses a loading mechanism similar to that of a barbell. It has sleeves where you can attach the weight plates commonly found at the gym.

The benefits of this new loading scheme is that the weight vest is much more affordable at only $229. This is most than half as much as other 100lbs+ weight vests. Furthermore, this vest can hold much more than 100lbs and in fact can hold 225lbs.

Thirdly, since the vest is uses one weight plates instead of tiny iron blocks, it is much easier to change the weight and in addition much easier to grab and throw over your shoulders.

Lastly, the weight plates used can be used for your barbell and dumbbells and is much more eco friendly.