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Amanda R. (AU)


Brent P. (US)

These are great. I recently shifted my workout entirely to using the NEO-Rings. So far I have had no trouble with them, they allow me to get a full upper-body workout. I'm able to shift to the different sides of the rings depending on if I'm doing push vs pull exercise has been very beneficial since I have small hands. I will be traveling soon and only having to take these rings for my routine is going to be great.

I also wanted to note that the customer service I have received when i messed up on my order was great! Once I get a little further along in my fitness journey I will be definitely getting a EZ-Vest.

Nelson J. (AU)
Neo Rings

The rings are very light but doesn’t look like the same quality as website. The finish in terms of smoothness is not soft to the touch also. The straps are narrow and numbered but not sawn into the strap. The velcro straps are a little to think a narrower one would be better. I use it for traveling.

Jason D. (US)
Rock solid equipment

Solid construction and works extremely well. No swing or sway, they stay steady.

Steven K. (DE)
awesome product

Giving 5 stars despite the fact that their surface was a little rough when they arrived - i smoothened them with fine sandpaper. Nonetheless the price is super fair, the idea, the options and the simplicity are amazing and i think they deserves recognition. Great product, tiny but manageably flaw, at least in my case, might not always have this roughness though but idk. Definately recommend them anyways!