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MAX bumper sleeve will not work with PRO vest

A sleeve for the EZ-VEST with a 57% larger loading space to allow for thicker weight plates.

The longer sleeves are also beneficial if you want to stack many smaller plates as opposed to using one larger plate.

  • Extension Sleeve (PRO/LITE) Length : 9.5cm
  • Extension Sleeve (MAX) Length : 15cm

Ideal for:

Bumper Plates

Hi-temp Plates

Sand or Cement

Stack two Hydroplates!

Heavy training on the go!

The longer sleeve will allow you to stack two Hydroplates combining for a total of 30kgs/66lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Aaron K. (US)
As advertised

I needed the extension sleeve to load up more than one weight on a side. It does exactly that and is a key addition to the EZ Vest.

Seth R. (US)
The EZ-Vest experience

I like the way I can put weight on my body to do pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. It does as advertised for sure. The materials feel like quality and the build is sturdy and I think it'll last a while. My only critique is to make the straps to fasten around the chest to be about 6 inches longer. I am a bigger guy and trying to grab the stapes once it is on can make the bystander laugh a little. Thank you for a great product. Maybe ask for a chest measurement to better determine how long the straps should be.

dorian s. (AU)
Could have added extra set of fasteners

Good, straight-forward product but for the price you guys could have included fasteners aswell.

Pierre-Antoine D. (FR)
Finally the good one

Its hard to find the right vest but i got it. Very smart conception.
I practice 1h stairs with 20kg its better to have the add on for shoulder enlargement. Commercial service is reactive, kind and effective.

John T. (US)
Very Versatile

The Kensui vest is vary versatile and has added a big upgrade to my pushup routine. Also, the vest has been a great addition to pullups and dips. The only downside is getting it on and off when I am working with heavier weights. Great product overall.