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6 Advantages of Suspension Training

  1. Portable - Work out Anywhere:  Since Suspension Systems consists of a couple of straps, buckles, and handles, they are extremely compact and lightweight. They fit in any tiny bag making it super portable. Since they can be quickly set up on a door, pole or tree it gives you the ability to train anywhere.

  2. Works stabilizer muscles: Unlike the floor, or weight machines, the suspension straps are free hanging and require immense demand from your stabilizer and core muscles to prevent shaking and falling. Working these smaller muscle groups will give your physique a well-balanced and detailed look.

  3. Works Entire Body At Once. Even when you’re doing exercises completely unrelated to your core, obliques or quads, such as chest flyes or tricep extensions, the muscles of your mid-region are constantly engaged. This allows you to shorten your workouts since multiple muscle groups are being trained simultaneously.

  4. Great for all Fitness Levels: Suspension Training can be suited for all levels by either adjusting the length of the suspension straps or by moving your body to change the leverage of a certain exercises to be easier or harder.

  5. Unilateral Training: Many people have muscular imbalances where one side of the body is stronger than the other. This can lead to serious problems, including injury. Traditional weight training options with barbells do not do a very good of correcting these imbalances. Suspension training has two straps for each arm/leg and easily allows you to work one side at a time to ensure the stronger side of your body isn’t compensating for the weaker side.

  6. Variety:  Even the suspension traps are extremely simple, it is extremely versatile offering 100s of exercises such as the pushup, pike, pull-ups, dips, lunges, planks and hundred more exercises and variations of said exercises!