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Rich (US)
It’s honestly pretty awesome

I hardly ever write reviews especially regarding workout equipment but this is actually better than I expected. It’s high quality and well designed. The placement of the weights are exactly where they need to be to give you freedom to do a variety of exercises. You can ruck with it, do lunges squats dips push-ups pull-ups burpees and more. Best weight vest ever made. Just feels high quality. This is my #1 piece of gym equipment I own now. Would gladly trade in anything else to keep this. Highly recommend

Caleb L. (US)
Must have addition to your vest

This alleviated the neck issues I was having with carrying the extra weight. The difference is pretty drastic.


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Johnny S. (US)
EZ-VEST 4-Inch Leather Padding

Since I added the 4-inch padding to my EZ-Vest, taking long hikes with my vest on has been much easier on my shoulders. I'm pleased with the product.

Steve (US)
These help a lot

I use my EZ-VEST mostly for hiking. I vary the weight depending on how I feel and the length/difficulty of the trail, but it's usually between 40-60lbs. After an hour you really start feeling the weight in your traps, shoulders and even neck. These pads make a huge difference. I was able to do 2.5 hrs. with 50lbs. and wasn't in total pain afterwards. Highly recommended if you're using heavy weight for an extended time.

Travis R. (US)
4 in leather padding

It works well. Should have been a factory option that came with the vest in the first place.