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Kensui EZ-VEST®
George W. (US)
Love the vest !

I have been using the vest for the last month and it hasn’t let me down yet. I’m giving it a 4 star only because the vest has some powder coat scratches from shipping. I got my vest very quick in only 7 days, ordered it on the 3rd of the new year and got it the 10th. If they can add some foam before shipping to protect the Powder coat I’d give it a 5 star

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Donald G. (US)
Excellent product

Exactly what I’ve been looking for , I use it in my Army ACFT….. and especially in my own workouts …….. I love it AATW

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Blake S. (AU)
Kensui weight vest

Best vest I've bought need to have more padding what I know I can buy separately though, can't find quality of weight vest any better then this one and the amount of weight you can put on and be able to change the weight more efficiently then other vests

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Richard A. (US)

Vest is amazing. Improved my workout 100%. Thank you for making such great product.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Darren H. (US)
Exceeded Expectations!!!

I was a little nervous about receiving my Ez Vest Max due to other reviews but they far exceeded my expectations when I recieved my order within 2 days!!! The vest is really well made and the extra shoulder padding I purchased was worth it. I'm very 😊☺😘😍😎!!!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Mike G. (US)
Most Comfortable Vest!

This is by far the best weight vest for all around strength and conditioning! It's actually the best vest I have used over a lot of years. With 50 to 70 pounds strapped on this amazing vest, it's helping me shed some much needed fat and without even noticing there are weight plates on your body. It's secure and doesn't wiggle like most vest. It also sits higher than most vests I have ever used or seen. That helps me for my circuit training sets after cardio. With the gyms being moved outside, for safety, gym space and equipment is limited. This vest has helped me boost my circuits and save time and space. Also my wrists, elbows and shoulders from not having to carry weights in awkward positions. I love how you can easily add or decrease weight in the front to target different parts of your legs and back!
I'm super grateful for this product and excited to see the results I know will come by adding this to my routine.
Also, some may think that the EZ Vest Max( which I purchased) is a little expensive however it is worth every penny!! The material is sturdy, strong, comfortable, durable and breathable. I also purchased the extra padded straps which help greatly if your doing heavier weights for a long time.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
mark k. (US)
Best vest for me

I have had weighted vests before, but this is by far the most comfortable and the easiest to change the weight. I love that I can put the vest on and add weight easily once wearing it. My old 80 pound vest really cut into my skin and was a nightmare on my shoulders to take on and off. This is so easy. I am very pleased with my purchase!!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Phil M. (GB)
Keep your work outs at a high level during lock-down

I'd seen these vests advertised before Covid-19 caused lockdown... but then once all the gyms closed, i figured that the membership fees i wasn't paying could justify investing in this vest! And i wasn't disappointed. There are so many ways that you can enhance your workout just by adding a small amount of weight. It also keeps your variation going by increasing weight for fewer, say, pull-ups than trying to just do more, which increases your strength and performance. I've been enjoying EMOM circuits of 300m runs, 25 jumping squats, 20 press-ups with 10kgs on it. The style of the vest is really cool too!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Davis S.M.
EZ kensui vest

Overall a v,good vest. Ive used it for w,calisthenics & it & the fasteners hold up well. Not bulky & awkard like other vests. Can add weight easily. Covering the chest area & avoiding the belly region makes this EZ a genius design & easy to handle. The fastening straps to tighten round the midsection do the job well, however theses need 2 be longer.

Tactical Flexfit Cap
Mike A. (IE)
higly recommend

I just got the cap a few days ago, and i was really impresed with the quality of the materials used and with the cap itself, i tried to find some faults with it, but i could not find one, not even a stray string or something. I have a few well known brand caps, more expensive then this, and this cap feels more comfortable for me personaly , then the expensive caps. If you want a minimalist cap , chose the black Kensui cap , with the black writing, it goes well with jens and sport clothes as well. I highly recomend this cap .

Everything I was hoping for

This vest is the one and only!

Easy adjustments

Solid weight capacity

Secure fit for strength and cardio

Holds an incredible amount of weight

Look no further for this vest is everything you need!

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Vincent L. (US)
Pure Satisfaction

This vest is EVERYTHING! Well worth it’s weight In gold! I highly recommend it. Thank you for the extra fitness challenge

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Jonathan W. (US)
Great product small snag

I’ve used my vest for weighted cardio every workout since getting it. It’s great! It’s helping me reach my cardio endurance goals as well as helping to strengthen my core much more quickly and evenly than years of strength training has done. If I had to make a complaint, I’d only say that the plate rods seem to be at a moderately high risk of cross threading, as I’ve managed to get one of my rods stuck on within only two week of use. However, with the lifetime guarantee I’m confident that we’ll be able to figure out a solution so I can continue to change both rods out as needed.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Kenny W. (US)
I love my vest

It's a awesome vest but it took so long to get here

Kensui EZ-VEST®
I love ❤️ my vest

I love the vest , it’s perfect for me

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Patrick M. (GB)
Luv my EZ-Vest

Quality product and happy with the service received along with customer support

Not for you

This vest is not for you if you MAKE EXCUSES. This vest is not for you if you are not READY FOR A WORKOUT. If you dont make excuses and are ready for a work out then this vest is for you. Tight fit, comfortable, and reliable. Thanks for the vest.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Justin G. (US)

Kensui EZ-Vest®

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Cedric S.b. (US)


Kensui EZ-VEST®
Orlando C. (US)
Very versatile must have!!!

Well worth the purchase better than any vest on the market

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Trent W. (US)

Kensui EZ-Vest®

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Juan S. (US)
I Love it


Kensui EZ-VEST®
David T. (US)
Great product!!!!

Use it for stairmaster and a cardio session and it was a killer, worth every penny. Had many people ask where I got it from and they are want one for themselves.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Alex G. (US)

So worth the wait! I received my vest Monday and I used it 4 out of 5 gym days this week. I love it! Feeling sore which I love since it means I’ve challenged my body moving out of a plateau. Also, the trainers at my gym are pretty jelly! *ordering another one for a friend

Secure, Comfortable and Stylish

I can get it nice and tight on my body which makes it great for my runs!