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G. B. (GB)

I wanted to perform Inverted Rows on the Smith Machine and was so happy to come across the Swissies on Instagram. Does the jobs perfectly. Great product. I’m a Personal Trainer and have recommended them to my clients with home gyms.

Louie F. (US)
Where have you been

For years I've been trying to get the perfect in home pull up bar
I tried them all
Wall mount
Build my own
None are as perfect as a playground standing chin bar
But at least
With some gymnastic ring straps
A powder coated bar from rogue and these neutral grip attachments
I have the perfect pull up bar

David V. (SI)
Impressive for the price

I think I've saved over 700€ by getting these instead of adjustable dumbbells that come with their own weight plates. It comes at a price of having to adjust and readjust the plates. Even when you only want to change a small plate, you'll have to take apart the entire thing.

I definitely don't think this is friendly towards a dumbbell focused routine, but for someone who already has a routine and wishes to incorporate a dumbbell exercise this is great. It just takes too long to switch out the weights. But if you're readjusting your dumbbell during rest of a different exercises, you don't lose any time.

But once it's set up it's solid. The knurling is good enough, the flat head makes it easy to put on your knees, and it has a tiny footprint. It can fit in a bag and weighs nothing. Can easily mix and match plates, which is generally common, if you're someone that tries to get deals for your weight plates. The dimensions are great even for pushing movements (which is where most competitors fall flat).

Shipping, packaging and everything else is great, no complaints there. Arrived quick, through the proper channels.

Travis R. (US)
Great For Pull Up Variations

I've used the 360 grips a few times now and I can't say enough good things! I love the ability to rotate throughout the pulling movement. Attempting to NOT rotate is also a fun, unique challenge with these grips. The handle is smooth and comfortable and these are super easy to set up. My 4- and 7-year olds love them too. Notice all the other Kensui grips in the photo :) Highly recommend!

David A. (US)
Use them all the time

Great for pulls ups but also use them for seal rows and on my lay pull down bar
Great product- very well made

Joseph B. (US)
Awesome Quality

You definitely need the spacers for olympic plates and these things operate very well. I am buying 2 more now to create additional dumbbells for my gym. They are way better than regular adjustables not smashing yourself in the leg with the part that overhangs.

Garie J. (US)
Awesome handles

Got the neutral grip, and the 45° handles. Why didn't i come up with this is my first question after using them. These grips are my go to for rows, and pulldowns. I highly recommend them. If you only get one get the 45° grips because it also doubles as a supinated grip.

Kensui EZ-VEST®
Laurent G. (FR)
Meilleure veste lestée qui existe sur le Marché aujourd’hui !!

Excellente fabrication, maintenue parfaitement au buste, très pratique pour les entraînements près du sol avec les minis embouts, service client extraordinaire. Je fais du 4XL US de Rogue et 130kg, les sangles sont courtes pour bien attacher la veste. C’est Kensui qui m’a proposé de m’envoyer une paire plus longue avant même que je demande. Bravo. LG

parfait !

Parfait ! Utilisé avec des élastiques pour tous les tirages à tous les angles.et bien sûr pour les traction, le tout dans une cage à squat.

Zachary S. (US)
Love it

Bought to replace the flimsy 1 inch diameter dumbell bars I had that always shook loose. These kensui models lock the weight in place and it doesn't budge. Great product

Anonymous (CA)
Its a good start, looking forward to a improved ANKR MAX Version 2 in the future

I have to use it more delicately as I move up in weights. With enough weights + contact with the ground at a certain angle, you can potentially break it. The threads for my bottom sleeve snapped when loaded at 20kg on the bottom + 7.5kg on each side. I’m just doing hip flexor raises with these (one side at a time, one foot standing on a bench) and right now there are not a lot of options out there that let me use olympic plates as the primary resistance. This device also does a decent job at solving this common issue with weighted feet attachments in that when you load more and more weights the weights itself begins to restrict your range of motion by bumping into things. My only problem is that this thing just needs to be a lot more durable. You’re going get tired during reps and will have to drop this on the ground and I don’t think this thing is well rated for that. Maybe if it was either: less plastic based and more metal (preferably steel) or thicker and possibly longer threads where the sleeve attaches to the ANKR frame. (or more entirely a strap based design with no molded frame, but then this will just fix my personal problem and not address the general populations issue)

Overall, I like this thing. It just needs to be made much tougher.

Daniel C. (US)
Amazing products

I bought the big back bundle and I’m absolutely amazed by how this product enhances workouts like dead lifts, shrugs, and pull ups. Provides a full range of motion on so many exercises.

The price is amazing and I would but this product again

Travis R. (US)

The 45-degree Swissies are legit AF. Love the ability to adjust the grip width, which you can’t do with a traditional multi-grip bar. Great stability. Very sturdy. Highly recommend!

Manul B. (AT)
Its what i was missing

This swissies grips is exactly what you need, for example who can do 10-12 pull ups, with swissies you can easily 16-18. Thanks to the grip change.

Richard S. (US)
Great versatility

Easy to pack up and take to work. Easy to use at home. Nice that it sits flush without the threads sticking up and can stand straight up too!

Emilio (US)
What you do makes sense.

I'm so happy with your product i use them every day. It has made my routing easier and less Leo lematic on my joints. They are sturdy and it's a pleasure to use them. Thanks a lot!!

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Kensui EZ-VEST®
MarlonR (US)

Well made and balanced with several options this EZ-Vest Pro is what I had been holding out for. Using my own weights was the key item for my purchase. Thank you!

Dale H. (US)
Great but…

Ok… this is my most honest review ever. I purchased the Kensui ascent about 30 days ago and I have to admit I love them. My core is activated just doing push-ups. No forced engaging. I mean your core midsection will start to engage and you’ll wonder why are my abs so tight. That is the amazingly great part of these. The only drawbacks for me is that the elastic bands used to keep them on your hand when is a little too loose. Also I thing that this product can be improved upon by adding a neoprene jacket in a hand molded pattern so the heal of your hands don’t fee so raw. The hard plastic is exceptionally durable but brutal on the palms. Over all I love the product but I think it needs some tweaking to get right. Maybe slice the upper portion of them and replace with a thick hard rubber for less pressure.

Michael R. (US)
Work great...

With the price for sure.

EZ-VEST XT Sleeves
Julio L. (US)
Comfortable and Compact

What I love most is that you can take the vest with you anywhere. Add some weight and you complete change the landscape of your welcome. From push ups to squats and lunges this is a great tool to have and add to your workout routine, home gym or runs

Ronnie Q. (US)
EXCELLENT product!

Exceeded my expectations. Compact, sturdy, and strong product. They work perfectly with my wall-mounted pull up bar at home. It has been the perfect addition for my pull-up days!

Samuel J.H. (US)
Great workout tool!!

I have been able to use my Kensui Swissies multiple times now and they are phenomenal!! Doing shrugs for 30 reps with 585 lbs and they didn't budge! These are much more comfortable than just grabbing the bar. It also helps my shoulder. Instead of my arm being rotated inward putting more stress on my shoulder joint, my hands remain at my side holding the Swissies...feels much better!!

Kevin E. (US)
Great Piece of Equipment

The 360 Grips are a great piece of equipment that I immediately started implementing into my routine.

Anonymous (ES)

Very happy with the product and Kensui team (answering and solving any questions/problems)... I just bought a second pair (plus other products)!

Philip K. (US)
Versatile Adjustable Dumbbell

Purchased 2 weeks ago with the dumbbell extensions. Performed dumbbell chest press, shoulder press, lateral and front raise, dumbbell curls, shrugs and dumbbell squats. I have loaded each dumbbell from 15 to 90 pounds and they felt very secure. The end caps do not come loose, I would have to tighten my previous adjustable dumbbells with the spin collars between sets and the bar would stick out the side making most exercises difficult. You can set the adjustabells on your thighs like regular dumbbells without pain and bruises. This is a solid purchase and I recommend buying for a home gym, will save alot of money in the long run.